Trying to get simple movements down with animation before we try something more ambitious. I took an animation course in college, but I’m 51 and never used it til now. I’m starting to really get into it. I have a sketchbook project from 2012 that I want to animate in some way. This is the first one….. Flight.



Trying out some animation and having a hard time getting it to work anywhere as a gif. Wondering if it works on here. Grant and I have the idea to try out some things. This was a test to see if I could make it work. More to come. I wanted to see if my sketching style worked for this.


Rainy Night Shots

This really became a thing for me in 2016, where I find myself out on rainy nights and fall for the reflections. Mostly in San Francisco but the bus one is from Berkeley. We are going into a week of rain now – they say – so I should have more. Enjoy.


The last thing I did this year.

I do paintings that stage homes for realtors, this helps pay for my studio. The owner always wants new work different work. So in trying to keep them happy I do a handful in one style, so they can mix and match. The last time I tried something different it bombed. In general they like my work. They have returned other artists work but have kept mine. So to redeem myself I did this today, incorporating stencils.

I went to the studio to try to clear some depression, seeing friends helps. It’s been a couple days before I could actually paint anything. At least with this – what they want is color, abstract and innocuous so it doesn’t offend anybody. I like this one and feel I can do a couple more to go with it.


Santa Baby.

A week ago I left the house and ran into three black ladies passing out fliers. One said I looked like a painter. When I told them I was they got all excited. I did not get their names. The smallest one kept asking if I would walk her down the red carpet. They asked me if I could draw the photo they had (I think Frankie because she’s a singer). This is a benefit concert and toy drive at The Black Repertory Theater in the neighborhood. I told them I could draw it and they told me to be there at 12:30 on the 17th. They were cracking me up because the little one asked if I could draw her naked. I don’t think they actually thought I would draw this photo but they expect nothing which is why I wanted to give them something. I let this go all week. Tried tonight three times and wound up with this sketch. I framed it for them. So tomorrow I go to see if I can get this to them. I have not been in the holiday spirit, but I did the best I could considering a photo that was not the best to work from. I hope Frankie likes it.


Green Man panel – installed

On a rainy day I went to the studio to finish soldering the back and get it into the wood frame I made. Got it home and up.

I had never used these gems before, so this was an experiment. I didn’t have enough of some colors, so I had to improvise. Today seeing it up with light coming through – I was happy with it. I like glass because it is always changing with the light over the course of the day.

The cobalt blue center has a story. I found antique amber and cobalt blue at a salvage yard many years ago. I have several sheets of each still. The blue is my signature – I use it sparingly. It’s probably 100 years old or so – the paper between the sheets of glass dissolved and left dust lines. This etched center piece was made for another art project years ago it was in sort of a tombstone shape – I cut it into more of a circle. I have not been able to find this shade of blue in modern stores.

This piece was made to use up scraps from other projects. So it uses most types of glass: streaky, textured, clear, etched, gems and bevels. Most would say not to use all these together but I was experimenting.


Another Greenman panel

So I’ve always had a thing for the Greenman. In this panel I wanted to experiment and use scraps from other things I’ve done. There are warnings I’ve seen about using types of glass together. I threw caution to the wind and came up with this design using streakys, textures, bevels, etching and gems together. Usually I start out with a pattern that I’ve drawn, but with this one I made it up on the fly. Now I need to copper foil it and solder it together.



Rasa Caffe

I’m doing some work for Rasa. I painted the logo on this sign for him leaving the chalkboard bottom. The chalk part was done by somebody else and now he wants me to redo it. I spent the weekend painting this and finished it up today, delivering it wet/still drying. This will be yet another thing I do that I have never done before.



Lens Culture Review

I have not applied to professional photography competitions before but this came with a review. I’m posting the images they liked the best. I thought this was a helpful and thoughtful review as opposed to some art reviews I’ve gotten.

From LensCulture

“Hi William,
Thank you for your submission. 

Images 2 and 4 encompass alluring visual aesthetics. The lighting and reflections are captivating. Image 2 San Francisco Ferry Building has great composition. Image 4, Berkeley Aquatic Park at Midnight has a powerful ambience. Images 9 and 10 are also strong. These images have potential for a series or possibly the development of an artistic style. They have a unique visual aesthetic and a surreal quality. The colors and soft focus create a nice ambience. Image 8’s composition and lighting isn’t as effective as images 9 and 10. The sidewalk/path of image 9, Berkeley Fog – On San Pablo draws you into the photograph. The the street light’s intense beams and perspective of the church in image 10, Berkeley Fog – Church on 9th Street is intriguing.
I’m least drawn to images 5-7. Possibly, I’m distracted from being able to see more because it is dusk (rather than night photos), but at the same time I can’t see the imagery clearly. They are busier images, and don’t posses the ambience or the dreamlike qualities that many of the other photographs encompass.

The series seems a little unbalanced. Images 1-4, images 5-7 and 8-10 could be three different series. However, they all possess similarities. Choosing the strongest photos of the three sets and possibly not pairing them next to each other may bring more successful balance. Sequencing can play an important narrative role. What story do you want to tell your viewer? The opening and closing image can be very effective on the success of your series. Editing can eliminate redundant photos. Take a second look at your series to make sure each photograph adds some importance. Connecting imagery together in a series can be a challenge. Sequencing, editing and writing can assist you in this.

Combining strong photographic qualities that are present in many of your photos, such as effective lighting, interesting perspective, strong composition, intriguing subject matter and alluring aesthetics, into one photo could create strong work (especially when combined with concept and impactful content).

With such interesting subject matter your viewers may want to know more about your subjects and what you are trying to convey. An artist statement or captions would be helpful. Stories and/or quotes from your subjects or about your subject matter may be an interesting alternative and/or addition to an artist statement.

Thanks again. Great work! I enjoyed viewing it.”