I was lost today and then just started fucking around. I should be at sketch but can’t go tonight. So here’s a male figure in watercolor that was an experiment. I drew it on and then doused the paper with water leaving some weird texture. Then painted some more….


Hot Russian

I was liked and followed by this guy on Instagram. When I looked at his pictures, I had to try and paint him. It’s taken me a month working off and on to complete this. I reached out to him to see what he thought and if he was cool with this. So far I have had no response. I did this for myself, changing colors of the wall and couch to be what I consider sexier. Oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″.

DJTimfinal (1)

Golden Moon Gallery

I had really given up on ever finding a gallery that was right for my work. Then Ana Maria Gower came to me with this opportunity to show with the Golden Moon Gallery (goldenmoongallery.com) in San Mateo. She told me I was the first person she thought of when she saw the gallery. Now I have this piece (Persistence of Memory) up in the gallery. I’m excited by this opportunity to work with them.



I just got a show at Balancoire. I’m trying to pull this together right now. It’s a multicultural place where drag queens perform in the Mission, SF. I was told I could show whatever I wanted but Josh’s personal taste was edgy and dirty. So I’m trying to give too much and fit the bill. There’s a dance floor with a narrow wall space that I want this piece for. I did it a couple years ago and have basically hid it. I only pulled it out once when some old straight ladies at the studio pissed me off and I wanted them to deal with something totally gay. I pulled it out today, there was some damage from being dragged around. I was able to fix that. I decided to try to touch up some parts that were not quite right and here we are. Ready for the dance floor?



Years ago I created textile designs. I no longer have the original paintings but I had color copies. I made them repeat in Photoshop for the various sizes on VIDA. I was not sure how they would turn out, sending them off and hoping for the best. I just received some scarves with my work on them. I’m really happy with the quality of product and the way the patterns look. Visit my shop onĀ http://www.shopvida.com/collections/william-ulrich for more patterns and products.



Trying to get simple movements down with animation before we try something more ambitious. I took an animation course in college, but I’m 51 and never used it til now. I’m starting to really get into it. I have a sketchbook project from 2012 that I want to animate in some way. This is the first one….. Flight.



Trying out some animation and having a hard time getting it to work anywhere as a gif. Wondering if it works on here. Grant and I have the idea to try out some things. This was a test to see if I could make it work. More to come. I wanted to see if my sketching style worked for this.


Rainy Night Shots

This really became a thing for me in 2016, where I find myself out on rainy nights and fall for the reflections. Mostly in San Francisco but the bus one is from Berkeley. We are going into a week of rain now – they say – so I should have more. Enjoy.


The last thing I did this year.

I do paintings that stage homes for realtors, this helps pay for my studio. The owner always wants new work different work. So in trying to keep them happy I do a handful in one style, so they can mix and match. The last time I tried something different it bombed. In general they like my work. They have returned other artists work but have kept mine. So to redeem myself I did this today, incorporating stencils.

I went to the studio to try to clear some depression, seeing friends helps. It’s been a couple days before I could actually paint anything. At least with this – what they want is color, abstract and innocuous so it doesn’t offend anybody. I like this one and feel I can do a couple more to go with it.