Oakland: The walk home from BART

Long walk home last night from 12th Street BART. This is what I go by.



Rainy Night Shots

This really became a thing for me in 2016, where I find myself out on rainy nights and fall for the reflections. Mostly in San Francisco but the bus one is from Berkeley. We are going into a week of rain now – they say – so I should have more. Enjoy.


Gas and a Bug

Walked by these gas canisters on Folsom Street in San Francisco a few days ago. I’m getting better at shooting through fences. The old VW was found in North Berkeley. I have a soft spot for VW Bugs because it was my very first car back in the day. I tried different filters on these pics playing with the color.





Oxalis Triangularis

Known as the the Love Plant from Brazil. This thing has died back several times from neglect and my moving. It always comes back with a little care. The last time after moving I put it outside in a container and it just didn’t make it. I thought it was gone – I brought it inside – then this happened.