Lens Culture Review

I have not applied to professional photography competitions before but this came with a review. I’m posting the images they liked the best. I thought this was a helpful and thoughtful review as opposed to some art reviews I’ve gotten.

From LensCulture

“Hi William,
Thank you for your submission. 

Images 2 and 4 encompass alluring visual aesthetics. The lighting and reflections are captivating. Image 2 San Francisco Ferry Building has great composition. Image 4, Berkeley Aquatic Park at Midnight has a powerful ambience. Images 9 and 10 are also strong. These images have potential for a series or possibly the development of an artistic style. They have a unique visual aesthetic and a surreal quality. The colors and soft focus create a nice ambience. Image 8’s composition and lighting isn’t as effective as images 9 and 10. The sidewalk/path of image 9, Berkeley Fog – On San Pablo draws you into the photograph. The the street light’s intense beams and perspective of the church in image 10, Berkeley Fog – Church on 9th Street is intriguing.
I’m least drawn to images 5-7. Possibly, I’m distracted from being able to see more because it is dusk (rather than night photos), but at the same time I can’t see the imagery clearly. They are busier images, and don’t posses the ambience or the dreamlike qualities that many of the other photographs encompass.

The series seems a little unbalanced. Images 1-4, images 5-7 and 8-10 could be three different series. However, they all possess similarities. Choosing the strongest photos of the three sets and possibly not pairing them next to each other may bring more successful balance. Sequencing can play an important narrative role. What story do you want to tell your viewer? The opening and closing image can be very effective on the success of your series. Editing can eliminate redundant photos. Take a second look at your series to make sure each photograph adds some importance. Connecting imagery together in a series can be a challenge. Sequencing, editing and writing can assist you in this.

Combining strong photographic qualities that are present in many of your photos, such as effective lighting, interesting perspective, strong composition, intriguing subject matter and alluring aesthetics, into one photo could create strong work (especially when combined with concept and impactful content).

With such interesting subject matter your viewers may want to know more about your subjects and what you are trying to convey. An artist statement or captions would be helpful. Stories and/or quotes from your subjects or about your subject matter may be an interesting alternative and/or addition to an artist statement.

Thanks again. Great work! I enjoyed viewing it.”







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