Green Man Panel – Take two

It’s been a few months since I worked in stained glass. Sometimes I do things just to see if I can still do them. The blue etched piece is from years ago of another failed project. I had to cut it into a circle – the cutter was not working right and I had to switch to another one. The curves are rough but I think it will look handmade and old when finished. I etched two of the pieces of clear glass just to see if it would work. My idea is to use up some scraps of green glass from other projects in sort of a web with holes in it. I decided this would be experimental. Usually I have a defined pattern but I’m making this one up as I go. This is a start… ¬†and I’ve always had a thing for greenmen.




Art Deco Panel

I did this over a year ago and after a show at the Stained Glass Garden have it hanging in my studio now. The thing I love about glass is it is always changing with the light. I have seen this thing in the light and basically knew what it looked like. Today it was fiery between streaks and I had never seen it that way. Late afternoon light going into dusk is something.

Now after taking a break from stained glass for months I really want to do some more.



Easy Creole Art Car

So I’m still working on designs for the car. I have one side pretty far along. I have never used these paints before and needed to try them out. I had to see what I got myself into. I worked on this yesterday afternoon and thought it looked good. When I saw it in morning light, I freaked out. Every stroke shows and it’s very reflective – looking watery. This is going to change with the light of day and there’s nothing I can do about that. So I struggled on today. Painting straight lines freehand is hard. I need to add Creole to the blue shape I made. The blues I mixed because I did not like the color straight out of the can. Grant wanted Creole downplayed with the emphasis on Easy. Most cars get airbrushed to be perfectly smooth – but this thing is hand-painted and hopefully has a nice quality to it. Anyway tomorrow is another day.