The Lyre of Orpheus

So I’ve been in a creative funk the past few days. Yesterday was so bad, I went to the studio didn’t really do anything and left depressed. Today is another day.

On the way to the studio I found a wine box on the street. I walked passed went back and thought box art. I haven’t done this in awhile so I thought it was worth a try.

  1. I have tons of drawings from Gay Men’s Sketch.
  2. I have cool old things that I wanted to sell on Etsy like this Victorian boot scraper. In searching for them online I found many and two identical. The prices were $96.00 and $50.00 nobody knows the true value. And it’s not like we need them anymore. So I thought it would be more valuable as art.
  3. I have bottles – to a collector they’re worth a few bucks but not much.

So I just thought I would put this all together in a box. The box is papered with an old book on California Missions that I found on the street – I think I got half of it.

I like cool old things and always loved Joseph Cornell – so this just seems like the way to go with this stuff. I did find that the small metal stencil letters I saved for some reason spell JIZ – so I couldn’t pass that up. At the end of the day I liked this and art for me is therapy.








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