Mrs. Hudspeth

Got this message from ArtSlant today. A website I forget I’m even on.

“Hello – I am wondering if you are the artist who did a well-loved painting I have in my home. It’s of a small elder lady in a blue skirt and coat, her keys in her hand and her plastic grocery bags in the bottom left corner. She stands on a slightly inclined sidewalk. It’s a very special painting and brings a lot of joy to those who see it. Best wishes, Janna”

That was my neighbor Mrs. Hudspeth when I lived in San Francisco. She’s standing in the driveway of my old house on Rose Alley@Laguna St. She was a sweetheart and loved by everybody. She passed away several years ago. Evidently she is still making people happy. Originally it was bought by neighbors but evidently they passed it on. It’s kinda weird sending things out in the world and hearing what happened to them. This made me sentimental about the old neighborhood.




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