Victrola Bar/Finished?

So this is a project that’s been dragging on. The Victrola was long gone and this case was found. Rasa from Rasa Caffe wanted me to deck this out for him as a bar. Some restoration on the top to the finish, replaced hinge and an added vintage chain. The inside was raw, so I used some of his imagery and some of mine. The art papers came from him and I covered the inside with glass. I think it’s finished now, just waiting for booze and glasses.









Mrs. Hudspeth

Got this message from ArtSlant today. A website I forget I’m even on.

“Hello – I am wondering if you are the artist who did a well-loved painting I have in my home. It’s of a small elder lady in a blue skirt and coat, her keys in her hand and her plastic grocery bags in the bottom left corner. She stands on a slightly inclined sidewalk. It’s a very special painting and brings a lot of joy to those who see it. Best wishes, Janna”

That was my neighbor Mrs. Hudspeth when I lived in San Francisco. She’s standing in the driveway of my old house on Rose Alley@Laguna St. She was a sweetheart and loved by everybody. She passed away several years ago. Evidently she is still making people happy. Originally it was bought by neighbors but evidently they passed it on. It’s kinda weird sending things out in the world and hearing what happened to them. This made me sentimental about the old neighborhood.



Childhood Collections

A box of my stuff has been in storage for the last few years. I recently retrieved it. Fossils, arrowheads, and coins. I tried to arrange them artfully and take good pictures. The arrowheads and axe head are from walking through many corn and soybean fields in Indiana down by the White River. This is just what my brothers and I did. They have bigger collections than mine. I’ve always loved these things. The coins are some of my collection – a mix of foreign and US. I liked the image so I posted it to I checked out the copyright stuff and an artistic photo should be OK. They are also beyond size on the actual items. It came out pretty cool check it out.



Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.28.58 PM

Female Trouble – Process

I set out to do something totally different from the abstracts I’ve been doing for the staging people. I had a collage that I liked the idea of the shapes. Sketched out a design and then did the painting. I did this on Saturday, spending 9 hours on it. I don’t really know what to do with this one – it’s so different it’s kinda thrown me. I’ve looked at it the last few days and just see an abstract torso of a woman. Sorta deco/bauhaus in a way. I like the colors – they’re house paint from old projects. The martini color and blue remind me of Marge Simpson. Maybe too suggestive for staging – I just don’t know what they’ll think of it.





The story of a tin can…

The flattened can I found in the road inspired a photograph which inspired a painting. I like the shapes in the photograph but the photograph is about texture. I wanted the painting to be about shapes and color. My studio friend said today, “you’re an old soul it looks Deco”. I said, “yeah I made an art deco tin can”.



My Studio and Elvis

Just photographed this installation of old type trays and my stuff that sit above my desk at the studio. I’m on where you can get my work on various things. I uploaded this tonite and thought it looked pretty cool on shirts. We had an open studio today – a lot of people don’t get it and walk by me – but every now and then somebody gets it. Today I had a young black girl who was so sweet and beautiful say “This is me”; she loves old things. So for those people that get it – I’m putting this out there.




About a year ago or so, I met a guy at a party. He said he had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop us. He UBERed me to a bar. I took him home with me. Hijinks and passing out. Wakes up at 6am freaking out about his cat. It’s the first time I’ve had a guy run out of my house freaking out about pussy into an UBER. He left this sweater – I never saw him again. I call it my trick sweater. Yes, I’m old I have stories.

Low light, dark wall, selfie.


The Dentist and Art

A few years ago I was broke and needed a cavity filled but kept putting it off because I couldn’t afford it. The dentist told me he would do it for free. I gave him this drawing as some form of payment. He framed it and hung it in the office. I got to see it today after not being there for about a year. He made a point of thanking me for it and saying it was the best gift he’d gotten and that he loves it. A drawing in pen & ink with washes of Golden Gate Park. The colors go well with the office. It’s nice to be taken care of and feel special by Iverson and Syers DDS.