Midnight Special

So I’ve been recycling old artwork into something new. Looking at things that were one off pieces which are at the end of the day boring and trying to make them into something cooler. This one includes a duck painting – why I did a duck painting I just don’t know. At my old studio someone said it looked like something from their grandmother’s house. It was oddly satisfying to take an Xacto knife and cut it up. I also cut up a collage and used it. These are for a grid series I have going now with a variety of media.



Fuck it all.

I just went through a review with supposed to be 3 galleries – one didn’t show up – Stephen Wagner sat in. He runs Arc Studios and Gallery in SF. This was all about your website i.e. your portfolio. I did the best I could having never designed a website before. Some things did not work and it was frustrating. The feedback I got was positive in some ways and negative in others. I was told flat out that queer work will never get me a gallery – even though I just did Root Division’s show ISO Queer Gods. They liked my queer work and thought it was interesting but ITS NOT GOING TO GET YOU A GALLERY. I had a whole gallery of realistic paintings dismissed because they did not find it interesting. I was told my digital work was great and I should focus on that. Abstracts I thought were good were dismissed. So I took this all in and after a day of being down I was like FUCK PEOPLE, to not do queer work? you’re fucking with my identity. Today at the studio I looked at old work and started combining it with other things to create something new. I’ve done older work in quadrants that I thought was interesting and wanted to do some more. This is today’s effort and yes FUCK PEOPLE. This is who I am and what I do.



Marilyn in Women’s Running Mag

So Marilyn Mitchell was interviewed for an article in Women’s Running Magazine. She needed pictures and asked for my help. We set out on a nice day to get some pics and headed to the piers off the Marina Green in SF. We were told we had a shot at the cover but there was a lot of competition for that. I just picked up the July issue. We were included in a thumbnail image along with the article. Still it’s something and not bad for me getting a photo published in a magazine. We did not really know what we were doing but came up with some good shots. This is the one they picked. Marilyn is my transgender rockstar with a CD out now Be Alive!. I created the CD artwork and images to go with it. The album is available on iTunes and cdbaby.com.





So I had a girl tell me “Stop it. Just stop it.” today because of another gay digital image I posted. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or just being a bitch. Don’t play in my yard if you don’t like it. I will post my art and it is gay. So here’s Medusa another digital collage I did awhile ago and never posted that I remember. Gay all day long bitches get used to it.