A gift from the street

I walked by this at first and said NO don’t get it. You don’t have room for that just forget it. And then I was like sorta Eastlake rocker that was probably part of a parlor set at the turn of the century – like I saw in my mom’s Sears catalogue from the 1890’s – oh hell yeah. I have restored chairs and done upholstery – even ones with springs that I had to tie down. So my skills can fix this. I also have upholstery tools and supplies. A nice fabric goes a long way. The wood is in good condition considering it’s age. And it was fucking FREE.





The state of me.

I saw this vampire movie with Tilda Swinton last night (forgetting the name). The vampire aesthetic has always appealed to me. “The Hunger” with Catherine Deneuve was something I never got over. Today as I was cleaning up my studio for Open Studios this weekend I run across a magazine page. A photo from Interview magazine that I used to devour in the 80’s. I saved this because I have always been a fan of Cocteau and these were images inspired by him. “La Belle et la Bete” is a film by Cocteau that I saw when I was young and never got over – I’ve read his books. So tonight on the porch having a drink I’m channeling vampires and Cocteau as I go into Open Studios tomorrow and deal with the general public which most of them do not get it. One person on here called my studio the “museum of eternity” and I kinda liked that.