Yes, I’ve lost my mind

I’m probably more Goth than I would like. Cute things drinking and smoking and killing themselves is where I’m at. The story with this: When I was young I had a job telemarketing for the Cincinnati Symphony, one of the people I had to call was Drew McDade. I always liked the name, imagined he did porn etc.. and all these many years later he appears again with a bunny.



Poèmes en Verre coming in June

Thought this interview with the Stained Glass Garden was interesting. This will be displayed at my show in June. Opening June 10th 5-7pm  Stained Glass Garden
1800 4th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, (510) 841-2200

15 Questions for a Glass Artist
1. How did you get involved in glass art?
I helped restore a Victorian in San Francisco for several years. I collected antique glass for windows that we created. The windows were created with wooden mullions and then the window was glazed. I still have that glass which is so cool and I wanted to learn how to make stained glass panels with it.
 2. Why are you passionate about working with glass?
Something about glass – how light comes through it – how it changes over the course of the day – I find it really compelling.
 3. What are some of it’s challenges?
Cutting it does not always work out the way you want it to, sometimes it has a mind of its own. When I started I cut my hands a lot – I’ve gotten better about that.
4. Why do you love being a glass artist?
Originally I had collected antique stained glass windows with clear texture and some color. I think they were Scottish imports. Now I’ve learned how to create my own and I have way more to learn.
 5. What is your current series about?
Part of my aesthetic is antique things with age and patina. I put these panels in antique frames and made them to look old. I am currently vibrating on Art Deco. The paper images trapped in glass vary from crops of book pages to my vintage photo collection.
These panels are inspired by the image and the frames and I pick glass colors and textures to go with them.
6. What’s it feel like while you’re working on a mosaic(process)? NA
 7. What do you think about while you’re creating a piece?
I enjoy drawing out a pattern and seeing it come to life. I really think about colors and how they go together – it really is painting with light.
 8. What’s the decisive moment in the design process?
When I’ve created a shape that I don’t even think I can cut out and it works out.
 9. How do you choose your glass?
I’m attracted to clear textured glass. For colored glass I prefer antique glass and I love the scrap bins at SGG. The colors are really unique.
 10. What makes your work unique?
My love of old things and that aesthetic.
 11. What influences your style?
I’m inspired by art history and antique stained glass windows.
 12. How did you first get involved with SGG?
I took the beginner copper foiling class a couple of years ago at SGG.
13.  What’s the key to organizing your glass studio?
I don’t really have a glass studio. I have an art studio that I make work for specific projects. Everything has to be put away at the end of the day. What’s great is at my studio there have been empty spaces that I can take over temporarily.
 14. What projects/new things are coming up for you?
I have drawings in this show in SF. ISO Queer Gods & The Gods Sure Are Queer Vol. 2, this June at Root Division as part of the National Queer Arts Festival. Exhibition Dates: June 8 – 25, 2016 Opening Reception: Saturday, June 11, 2016  7-10 pm  Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat 2-6 pm or by appt. Zine Release & Small Art Book Fair: Thursday, June 23rd, 4-8 pm. 1131 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
15. What advice do you have for those starting out?
Glass is exciting to work with. Stick with it and give yourself time. There are so many things I want to learn when I can.

Nature’s Mischief

The yard is wild. We’ve had a lot of rain and it’s gone crazy. I do not have enough time to work on it. Walked out there today and amid the wild California poppies these red poppies have come up randomly in odd places. I don’t know where they came from. Not there last year or the year before. They make me sort of happy in spite of how out of control it is.


Poèmes en Verre (Poems in Glass)

My show at the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley opens June 10, 5-7pm. I will be the featured artist for June. What they wanted was my small antique framed pieces. Inspired by a vintage image and an antique frame these are classic stained glass panels.

So I had a few done. One frame left and I created a panel for it. However, I made it the wrong size and it did not fit. The panel itself proved difficult and went together awkwardly. I liked it and thought the awkwardness made it seem more medeival. So back to the frame – I searched online and came up empty. I decided to make one. It took me awhile to figure out an idea of what to do. Using scrap moulding from my studio, I came up with this. It needed to look old to go with the others and be free standing.