Found these close to each other in Emeryville warehouse kinda place. Thought they were cool. Street art.





So I worked for another artist for some canvas. The staging people wanted more work from me. I have a series that looked “Japanese” in a way and they liked them. I was trying to do something totally different with this one. So I got a bottle of wine and spent the night painting and came up with this. I was unsure of it but thought it was kinda cool. I sent it to them and asked what they thought. They loved it.




Stuck in SF tonite trying to get home. I remember one of my young roommates asking me what a touch tone phone was – I wanted to slap them. BART still has one. I had had a couple drinks and tried to have fun with taking pics without people noticing. Not easy to do. I did start to care about the kid across from me who seemed like he had a hard day. Oh and the abstract that I don’t remember taking a picture – just showed up.







Swell Gin

I think my roommates thought I was crazy collecting booze bottles in the yard, but I had a purpose. More of my series of vintage men (from my collection) mixed with my life.


Poèmes en Verre (cont.)

This is for my show at the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley in June. Poèmes en Verre, Poems in Glass – my statement for the show – Inspired by a vintage image and an antique frame these are classic stained glass panels.

This one proved hard to photograph. I could never get all the colors and textures to show up in one photo. As it was made, it constantly changes with the light. Some things show up and disappear. I did not expect the paper trapped in glass to be so transparent. The design I drew on the back – I don’t even know why – I just did it – shows through in strong light. I have more of these to do, but this one has become my favorite so far.










Fire Island?

My response to getting GAY HATED on in downtown Berkeley was to finish up my application for the Fire Island Artist Residency. I believe it’s the only LGBT residency in the country. It’s open to basically the English speaking world and they only accept 5 people each year. It’s a longshot I know, but if I get it – I would get to meet NY art people. I put everything I had into this application. I’ve been working on some digital collages with my vintage men and submitted these because I thought they were strong. I won’t know til mid May if I get it or not.



Fucking Art

So I’ve had this stained glass panel I designed for a competition I did not win. Deco design that I really like. I have been going to salvage trying to find some moulding to frame it. Finally I find something, cut it out and make it fit. It’s beautiful but just one thing. The wood it’s made of does not take a screw easily – so I have no way to hang it. The wood is so tightly grained that a screw just strips the hole and it’s fucked. So now I have this thing that I’m thinking upholstery tacks will work but I don’t know. Fuck me.

And this is for a show I have in June. IMG_1417