Be Alive!

I’ve mostly completed the cd artwork for Marilyn Mitchell’s rock cd “Be Alive!”. Going to print soon. We’ve begun talking about the video for her song “Look the Other Way”. Our themes are transformation, gender and identity. She’s my transgender rock star and I want to do this right. For me, I struggled with my own identity when I was young. I looked through a trunk where this drawing has sat for some 30 years. I was attracted to men and women and this showed up in my collages. Everything had a torn edge. I was self-destructive and dark. Eventually I met a man that saved me from myself. While I will never know what it is like to be transgender, my friends tell me their experiences. I understand the struggle with identity because I lived it. Looking back on these sketchbooks from that time – I was not about trying to do something pretty – I wanted something powerful.





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