Morning on Fairview

After being hungover yesterday, I wake up early to fog in Berkeley. This is my street in both directions. Black and White – is just my mood.




Grate Art

My mother sent me a pair of the black ones. The other three were taking up space at my studio. I bought the large nickel plated one from a homeless guy in SF years ago. The other two I don’t remember where they came from. I thought they looked cool with the wall colors I painted showing through. These are from that time when craftsmanship was an art.





For the Marquesa

Portrait of the Marquesa de la Solana by Goya as my jeweled center to this piece. This is number 3 of probably 9 I will be doing for my show. Poèmes en Verre (Poems in Glass) opening in June at the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. Book pages trapped in glass are the centerpiece to these. I studied art in Paris when I was young and have always had a love affair with the French. So to me the title was natural. I wanted the colors of glass to look like they came together to form the background color of the painting.



Callas in February

I walked a lot today in the rain and ran across these. I thought this wasn’t a bad shot for just walking down the street. I’m dedicating this one to my friend AJ Davenport that I saw last night in her starring role as Liz in The Book of Liz at Shelton Theatre. She will always be my DIVA.


June Show for the Cricket

I started the year with rejection letters; undaunted, I walked into the Stained Glass Garden and inquired about doing a show there. A few emails later I was offered a show.

“Again, we aim to show a cohesive collection of pieces, with the focus being on the unique perspective of classic stained glass designs inserted into vintage frames.”

I will be the featured artist for June with the show opening on my birthday June 10th. June is also Gay Pride and I’m thrilled with that. These are the professionals that I took a a class with a year and a half ago. All the bloody hands and time figuring out this medium was worth it. It’s my aesthetic with vintage frames which is so me – and apparently unique in the glass world. They’ve seen everything from stained glass to mosaics which they offer classes for and find me intriguing. I was so tripping off this one, I walked home in the rain from the studio (3 miles) without an umbrella.




So Duane is having a show at Strut in the Castro of drawings over the years from Gay Men’s Sketch – I think in May. Mark Chester has asked the other sketchers to draw Duane and be in the show along with him. It’s a tall order cause Duane’s a brilliant artist. So I have drawn him several times and I could not get anything good. What the fuck? Just draw him Cricket. So tonite after a couple gin and tonics I tried again in my room at home. Getting somewhere with red ink and washes, I needed highlights. All my paint is at the studio so I found some white house paint. Feeling like I just pulled off a Dan Becker (and that’s a good thing) I feel like this represents me as well as Duane.