I was having a hard time today. People around me are having a hard time. I was walking down the street trying to put myself back together on a rather long walk. A thrift store that I was at a few days ago is completely gone now and empty. A big store gone. This is the picture I took of the emptiness which speaks to how I feel right now. Art is all I know – fuck me.



Painted Fashion

I’m teaming up with my girl Tenniel at the studio to create one of a kind hand-painted T-shirts. Her drawings and subject matter as an African American woman filtered through a gay man who paints on fabric. We came up with this one today. I thought it came out cool and wanted to share it.



I’m currently working on two submissions for calls for art. I’ve gotten three rejection letters so far this year, but included in a printed catalogue with one. I was talking with a woman at the studio who’s a decent painter – she said “congratulations on submitting” – she had just missed a call for art because she couldn’t bring herself to do it.
I keep putting it out there, I don’t know what else to do. So yes, I am obsessed.
I found these quotes today in my notes from years ago and a sketch of mine that I had forgotten about. Somehow these things together made sense to me.

“Obsession is the big thing. You have to be obsessed with what you’re doing. Totally untalented people don’t have an obsession. I think that if you live for it, then sooner or later, you must find a reward.” – Helmut Newton, Interview Magazine

“We shall work on until our death throes: what else is there to do, except perhaps get drunk, when the moment comes at which reality has ceased to measure up to one’s dreams.” – Delacroix

The Prisoner

One of my ideas for the new year is to do some hand-painted T-shirts for sale. My prototype was one of Patrick McGoohan. I’ve been watching The Prisoner with Grant and decided to do a shirt for him. Cult classics watch out I’m checking you out right now.

All painted with fabric paint that is washable. Stay tuned more on the way as I get into this.


MFA Never show at Root Division

It’s a new year and the rejection letters are piling up. DIY MFA and BART call for public art rejected me. Root Division’s MFA Never show is creating a catalogue that I had to qualify for. I was able to do that, however, I did not get into the actual show which presents 20 artists. It promises to be an interesting show, so check it out if you’re in the Bay Area. I will be there.

Saturday, February 13th from 7-10 pm at Root Division meet the other MFA Never artists. 1131 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

MFA Never Archive Project Catalogue.
This is the piece I presented to represent me. My statement about it:
“I was paralyzed from the waist down and lost the use of my hands because of Guillain Barré Syndrome. As an artist losing the ability to draw was the hardest thing for me. The black hand is the disease. Papered with a chapter on male homosexuality this hand represents rebuilding. The green hand is learning to draw again. The gold hand is a return to painting.”

Queer Gods.

I’m working on a submission to Root Division’s show. “ISO QUEER GODS & The Gods Sure Are Queer Volume 2, will feature up to 30 contemporary queer artists whose work mines historical religious iconography and responds to the diverse representations of homosexual, transgender and non-binary content which has been preserved through the mythology of world religion.” I’m doing drawings and my thought was they have to be EPIC. So this is the first of 4. Saint Sebastien meets Tom of Finland meets the Lovers Tarot Card. What I had in my head today. Gay people tell me what you think – I have to write a statement about this. I know what I was thinking and you?


Victrola Bar

My new project for the year is turning this Victrola case into a bar. Rasa (of Rasa Café) asked me to do this for him. We’ve been talking about having an iPod dock and speakers so it plays music again. The Victrola was long gone. I’ve just started working on this and have come this far. Turning the inside into an art piece. Repair and Restore. Keeping it in original condition as much as possible and not doing anything to it that’s not reversible. I repaired the top finish and added a new hinge and chain to the lid. Thoughtful restoration is what I’m all about. Antiques and booze the perfect project for me.









2016 Street find.

So it’s a New Year. In my wanderings today I stumbled upon a coffee cup with lipstick marks on it – sitting atop a TV roadside. It beckoned me. I walked away. I walked back and took it. Why? Why would you leave a perfectly good cup on the street? I don’t really want this thing but for some reason I had to have it. So here it is at the house I live among my things.