My Mother

This was taken when I was quite young and taking photography classes in college. It’s at my grandmother’s place in Indiana – the trailer she attached to her house – I always thought it looked like mom’s car broke down and she was calling for help. For you people that only know digital photos – this was film I shot and developed and printed in a darkroom full frame.

And yes, mom is still as onry as ever in Kentucky.



Waxing Poetic

It’s been a night of reading Rilke, having a gin and tonic and looking through old pictures. People I have forgotten. When I was young, I did an internship in Columbus Ohio. My roommate for three months was Ray Beebe and Christopher the Wonder Monkey. I was young and gay and stupid but Ray was nice to me. The monkey was weird and was kept in a cage when I was around. He let it out during the day and one time I came home to monkey shit in my bed. This was 1985, I now have roommates that were not even born then. I wonder whatever happened to Ray and Chris.


A poem

This was just how I was feeling today. Some of the things I’ve saved came into play. A personal statement about life at the moment. Take it for what you will …


The Studio

During Open Studios, I have many people that come by and just do not get me or my studio. Some of the other artists just say “Oh you’re the guy with all the stuff” so to them I’m a lot of stuff in a small space. The reason I’m posting this is the other day a guy was there and totally got me. He was saying I was an old soul and telling me stories about Marlene Dietrich. My studio was kind of a mess but he loved it. I exist for these people.





So gay. . .

So at the studio today, I was talking to my friend Sun. I showed her a really gay painting that I’ve been hiding. She loved it and said “don’t hide your light”. So one of the old ladies annoyed me and I left it out so they have to walk by it. This is in a studio where abstracts and flowers rule. Joking with Sun, I said “when I lose it you will know – because I have tons of Hot Draw drawings that I will paper this place with and leave some empty booze bottles”. Mark Chester this is for you cause if anybody knows what I have it’s you. I can deliver dirty gay shit if that’s what is called for. So piss me off old ladies. Bring it.


Too Homoerotic? Really.

So I was in a show at the Lottie Rose Gallery. This is a great group of people with Firehouse Art Co. – the people that run my studio. The weird thing – when I sent pictures of my work – I said we can do this G-rated or I can show the gay stuff. I was told by the girl running the show that I should show what I want. So the way it worked out I showed both. The G-rated stuff was a collage and a photo from bars in SF. If I’m about anything – it’s sex and bars. I thought this represented me.

I have not shown photos I have taken. This was the first time showing photos and digital collages that I mostly do for myself.

I really had no idea she worked with children that wanted to come to the show and because of my work she told them no. So for me this work is quite tame and I guess it’s just homoerotic enough to scare children. I have dirty stuff and I’m the guy that gives too much – so dirty – I got it – but that was not what I was putting out this time.

I just thought the idea of seeing a dick in this day and age was too scary for people – just kinda ridiculous. I don’t want children at my shows. I don’t want to explain things. But to be singled out as the thing that keeps them away was weird to me. I know hardcore people and I know their work – this stuff is tame. The other artists liked my work and had no issues with it.

All that being said – I’m proud of this work. The people that get it tell me to do more.








My walk to work this morning took me by roses blooming in the middle of November. I usually avoid flower photos but this one struck me in the light and I just couldn’t help it. On my walk home in the dark I see this beautiful old Volvo. I think it’s totally sexy especially at night.




Result from a bad day

So I had a day where I wasn’t coping, wound up at the studio and just wanted to make something beautiful to make myself feel better. Art is therapy. I don’t why I seem to vibrate on Art Deco these days but this design flowed out of me. I did it for the large pieces of glass that I could not bring myself to cut up much. As is, they were hard to cut out and I was afraid of ruining them. Glass just has a mind of it’s own sometimes. I managed to finish this up today as the sun was going down. I got it in the window at twilight and there was just enough light to see it. I had to combine a couple pictures in Photoshop to make it clear what the glass does.


Phone-E art show

revolutionary art created on an everyday device


made on your PHONE, IPAD, TABLET or any sort of MOBILE DEVICE that can be used for art-making. The show is not limited to work made on these devices & could also include any multimedia works that address art-making in a digital culture. (If you can dream it, bring it!)

WHERE: The Firehouse Art Co. Lottie Rose Gallery, 6117 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94608


I’m in this show bringing my gay sensibility to the East Bay. I could have gone tame but they said I could show what I want. So here’s one that I love. I had to pick up prints today and thought they came out too dark. After they were framed, because there is no time for changes now – I thought no they’re good. This particular image I sent to a guy I met online who’s in France. He asked me to explain it. So this is what I said about my art: “Mon vrai monde. Un monde que je veux. A door to the train station. A man I will never get. Beauty and decay. Mon esthetique.” Lottie Rose check it out – cute straight guys.