Tentacle Vest

What started as a conversation and a sketch for a man who’s become my best friend and I adore turned into this. He requested a tentacle vest – I’ve done vests that I wear with patterns I painted. This was custom work. I managed to revise the pattern and make it work for his size. The thing about painting on fabric is you never know exactly what the paint is going to do. Every fabric reacts differently. Painting this one the effect looked dusted, so I went with it and added a hand-painted detail. The paint was not cooperating and thin lines escaped me. It’s a leap of faith sometimes making something happen. Knowing I could totally fuck up a good vest I just went for it. He requested one tentacle wrapping to the back. Deco tentacle vest.








Maxfield Parrish skies

Walking to BART tonight the moon was full. The iPhone does not capture the detail but got the colors right. The sky was looking totally Maxfield Parrish to me tonight. The nymphs and satyrs were missing because I’m walking through West Oakland but my imagination goes there.





So I couldn’t make it to my sketch group tonite, but I’m there in spirit. I was going through some files and found this. I did this a long time ago and forgot about it. It’s my drawing from Hot Draw placed on a mudflap from San Francisco. Somehow this just seemed fitting. And I’m possibly entering this in a show for the hell of it.



This is an ugly curtain in a bathroom of the house I live in. Tonight it was really cool with the shadows on it from the front yard. The original photo was really dark but some fun with filters and it showed up like this.


Abstract Bamboo

So this was a painting I did – and then wound up not liking – so I painted it out and did this. I kept a portion of the original and redid the whole left side. These wind up staging homes for sale. I usually do these in a day ┬ábut this one took longer, I was just never sure where it was going. I finished it up today in the studio. An old man (who I don’t care for) saw me working on it. He said, “How can you sit on the floor and paint?”. I said, “I do whatever I have to do – I’m only here for a few minutes”. Like them or not – these make me some money – so yeah I do what I have to do.


My Friday Night

After some tedious painting work today, I went to the studio to let go. I bought some food and a bottle of wine and then painted. My Asiany abstracts are liked by the people staging homes, so I wanted to do another one. I had a couple of small paintings that I did not like anymore and decided to paint them out. This is what I did tonight. By the time I was done it was late, BART is closing down soon – so I decide to do the three mile walk home. On a whim I go to the Berkeley Aquatic Park after midnight to get some night shots. I’m walking around in total darkness and decide: you need to put the iPhone away and get the fuck outta here cause you’re gonna get killed. So I got my shots and made it home in one piece.







A cool car

This thing fascinates me. I’ve walked by it in Emeryville for the last few days. I love the lines of this old car. Even with the fucked up finish I love it.








Earlier in the year I did a lot of paintings for a show at Glama Rama Salon and Gallery in Oakland. Nothing sold. I did these with staging in mind so that after the show they could be put to work. Here they are staging homes. I get rental fees and this month it paid for my studio. They like my sorta Asian abstracts a lot. Since I haven’t painted one of these since April, I wondered if I could do it again. Today I had fun playing around with this one. I’m moving in a different direction – I have to keep this interesting for myself. The one from today is all house paint from previous jobs – I make use of it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.44.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.46.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.50.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.55.34 PM


Pinstriping – day 8

8 days into painting these pots. It’s taken way longer than I thought. I struggled with this today but got the pattern drafted out around the whole thing and then painted a few. This is tedious measuring this out and then trying to paint straight lines. It’s coming out well and they seem to be happy with it.