Into the Light – finally

I started working on this in July for a competition. It’s been on a board for a couple months now as I cut glass into shapes I really didn’t think I could. This is all hand done with a glass cutter. I was trying to finish up foiling a couple days ago. I have to clean each piece and then foil it. Over 130 pieces in this panel took their toll. I bled many times trying to cut this out. I thought the blood shed was over but then I was cleaning a small piece and sliced my thumb through a dishtowel, bleeding all over the studio. After healing, I was back at it. I have a vision and I will see it through. Today I finished foiling and powered through soldering one side. My back was hurting from standing and leaning over this thing and then I figured out I could sit and do it – a little more awkward but less hurt. Anyway I got one side finished. I still have the back to do to strengthen it. I managed to clean and patina it and get it into a window as the sun was going down. I have waited to see if the choices in glass that I made worked together. I have not done a panel with streaky glass before – I was all about etching pieces and color and texture in previous panels. I am thrilled with the way this turned out.

I’ve had a couple assholes on Facebook make their comments dissing me. I post these pictures and post what goes into a work of art so people realize what the fuck goes into making something. You have a vision and you just make it happen and there needs to be some respect for that no matter how good you are.

The cobalt blue I saved from the salvage yard years ago and use sparingly because I love it so much – remains magical.








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