Pot painting – day 5

I was having a pretty good day conquering a difficult part – getting the light blue diamonds to meet up correctly. These get fine lines over them completing the argyle pattern but I’m not there yet. I sit in the corner of a garage painting these. The Latin housekeepers seem fascinated with what I’m doing – even though we don’t totally understand each other – they’re adorable. I made it home only to find out an artist working on a mural project at 35th and West in West Oakland was shot and killed this morning. I walk down 40th to Emeryville from MacArthur BART – 5 blocks away. I’ve walked down 34th on a couple of occasions – it’s a bad neighborhood – I really had no choice – I’m not the guy taking an UBER. It’s just insane to me killing an artist trying to clean up the neighborhood. This is really sad and tragic. I have to go to work tomorrow on this project walking down streets that are not so safe. I’m just thinking when does luck run out?






Pot painting

This is the first part of my project. Painting two large flower pots with an argyle pattern. This is taking longer than I thought. This is where I’m at as of Friday. One is further along and I have to get the other one to this point. Today somebody jumped in front of a BART train at Ashby station and I could not get to the job site. Tomorrow hopefully I can make some progress.




David invited me to see Turner at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I enjoyed the show. I had seen the movie about him which was beautiful and this show did not disappoint. These are some of the ones I liked. I had to wait out hordes of people to get a good shot but these I got.










Crepes ala Carte: my new gig

I have a new decorative painting project. I spent today working on the estimate after going over details with the designer on Tuesday. I sent it out at 6 tonight – I was sweating this – it was approved almost immediately which shocked me. Now to get started – you’ll be seeing more of this as I get into the job in the coming weeks. This is the vintage cart I’ll be painting and staining, along with tables & chairs, clay pots and hand painted signage. This will use all my skills. It’s a great opportunity for me to show the Bay Street mall in Emeryville what I can do. The designer is holding me to a high standard- he tells me he’s watching me – but I have got this. If you know me – this is just so my thing.



Sketch – back at it

I just can’t make it to sketch every Tuesday but it never fails to keep me on my toes. It’s weird it’s a 20 minute pose and I find myself finishing early and not wanting to fuck up what I’ve done. I’ve gone too far at times and totally ruined a good drawing. It’s knowing when to stop. I was not going to post these but a trip to my bar Martuni’s and a bartender that enjoys my naked men Tuesdays got me to. She saw a lot of emotion in these so – I’m like share it.





Into the Light – finally

I started working on this in July for a competition. It’s been on a board for a couple months now as I cut glass into shapes I really didn’t think I could. This is all hand done with a glass cutter. I was trying to finish up foiling a couple days ago. I have to clean each piece and then foil it. Over 130 pieces in this panel took their toll. I bled many times trying to cut this out. I thought the blood shed was over but then I was cleaning a small piece and sliced my thumb through a dishtowel, bleeding all over the studio. After healing, I was back at it. I have a vision and I will see it through. Today I finished foiling and powered through soldering one side. My back was hurting from standing and leaning over this thing and then I figured out I could sit and do it – a little more awkward but less hurt. Anyway I got one side finished. I still have the back to do to strengthen it. I managed to clean and patina it and get it into a window as the sun was going down. I have waited to see if the choices in glass that I made worked together. I have not done a panel with streaky glass before – I was all about etching pieces and color and texture in previous panels. I am thrilled with the way this turned out.

I’ve had a couple assholes on Facebook make their comments dissing me. I post these pictures and post what goes into a work of art so people realize what the fuck goes into making something. You have a vision and you just make it happen and there needs to be some respect for that no matter how good you are.

The cobalt blue I saved from the salvage yard years ago and use sparingly because I love it so much – remains magical.