The Birds

It was a little like Hitchcock’s The Birds today at my studio. A flock – is that right? – of crows cawing on the building next door. Weird but sorta cool? I’ve seen them usually in pairs but not this many at one time ever.







Back in July

So at the end of July, I participated in a Mixed Media Mixer in my neighborhood. I brought something to work on – these abstracts that I thought were boring and needed to make more interesting. So I started drawing on them with ink. Doing this at the event I got ink on my nose and no one told me. So I went all day with an ink line on my nose talking to people and all that shit. I went to the bathroom eventually and wiped it off. The girl I had been talking to all afternoon – I was like bitch you didn’t tell me I had ink on my nose. She said she thought I had a staple in my nose and didn’t want to embarrass me. I’m like why would you not ask why somebody had a staple in their nose. Polite bitches in Berkeley – really?





Baby Shoes

My mother is getting rid of some things and sent these to me. She’s held onto them 50 years now and is letting them go. Somehow I don’t quite know what to do with these. They were still in the original case, as well.


An old Mercedes

I’ve been down lately but seeing this today got me going. I love old cars and the shapes they have. New ones just don’t do it for me – they all look the same. I chose black and white for these because it looks timeless and not from NOW. I love stumbling upon cool old cars in Berkeley.





Deco Foiling

Started today pretty depressed but made it to the studio this evening to work on this. Foiling takes a while – cleaning each piece of glass and then copper foiling it. Once I’m done I can solder it and finally get it into the light. Felt like I got quite a bit accomplished in a few hours and got to see a nice sunset at the studio.




Tuesdays for me

I’ve started volunteering for the Center for Sex and Culture. Yesterday I helped with archiving and posting to Tumblr. Then it’s off to my sketch group where it’s hanging out with the guys and drawing naked men. I screwed up a couple of the poses but got these three that I liked – it’s always fun to draw Patrick.




Deco Panel – coming along

I’m nearing completion of cutting out over 130 shapes for this panel. I’m liking my glass choices. What looks black is actually rich color – raspberry/wine – dark green – cobalt blue. Some of the streaky glass is kinda opalescent in the light. Can’t wait to get this put together and see it in the light.