Today’s episode: Shit I find on the street

So there’s a polite woman dropping her pair of shoes neatly in North Berkeley with a book and some sort of eaten bread. Then near where I live in South Berkeley I see she dropped her whole weave – I thought it was gonna start crawling.






The Tenderloin

An area with a rich history. I’m at home with crazy people – most of the time I can walk by unmolested. It’s about living in the city long enough to be street smart. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I still consider myself old school San Franciscan. These are pictures from the last couple of days while working a job in SF. I love these pictures.




Deco – coming along

So I’m working on my Deco panel. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I got here and I stopped. I had bought a beautiful piece of glass to use. The colors worked perfectly. I just can’t cut it up in to small pieces for this panel. I have to figure out something else,  the really cool stuff needs to be respected. To cut out what has to happen would create too much waste. So I have to take a few days off and figure this out. I like where this is going but I can’t sacrifice the really good shit. Because it’s art.



After an Open Studio that I was late for – working on stained glass for awhile -calling it a day. Went to Handlebar in Berkeley where my friend Crystal works. Stayed too long – walking home around midnight I see shadows on a white picket fence.



Deco panel – Day 3 cutting

I had been trying to figure out the colors for my panel. Went to the Stained Glass Garden today for some glass to figure it out. There was a rich housewife there making the girls serve her, pick out her glass and wait on her hand and foot. She even pushed me out of the way at one point – totally fucking obnoxious. I’m the guy patiently picking out the cool old looking shit. When I take my stuff to the register the girls say “we don’t get this very often” you’ll never find this again” then we talk shop and I show them what I’m working on. They are glass artists that happen to work there and this all about the love of glass. They even tell me where else to go look for it.

So I take my cache to the studio and start cutting difficult shapes. This is the third day that I cut myself up making this panel. I’m not even healed from yesterday and today I cut myself and bled all over the studio. I’m skilled – I know what I’m doing but this is difficult to cut the shapes I made. Powering through I did not waste precious glass and although I cut myself, I got the shape I wanted. This is starting to come together and I can’t wait to get it up and see light coming through it.

What looks black in the picture is really antique violet and a raspberry color, as well as, dark green. The marbleized glass is really kinda opalescent. Even though I’m all bandaged – I look at it and think this is gonna be something.






I’m volunteering with the Center for Sex and Culture now and run across things. Like this poem in Holy Titclamps. I hope you can read it – it spoke to me. Thank you J. Jaye Sablan.



A Deco Project

Inspired by the Deco buildings around 19th St. BART Station in Oakland, I came up with this design. It’s the most complicated panel I have done so far, coming in at 132 pieces. I created shapes that I was not sure I could even cut out of glass with my hand cutter. Cutting curves is hard and tricky and sometimes glass just does what it wants to do. Today went well and I managed to cut out some rather complicated shapes. Stabbing myself in my cutting hand at one point with glass, I managed to stop bleeding and power through. I was on a roll. I bought a couple pieces of glass that got me going today. I’m figuring out colors as I go. The girls at Stained Glass Garden thought this was cool.



Sketching again

So I screwed up a couple drawings but these came out. The first one is a 4 minute gesture. It’s hard to get everything down in 4 minutes. The second 20 minutes. I really like the look of the last one.



What inspires me in glass

I just bought a book to help hone my skills with stained glass. There’s a lot of poorly drawn cats and unicorns and flowers out there. I did a search for medieval stained glass and found three images that inspire me. Mostly because these are something I cannot do. I don’t know how to paint on glass yet, and I can’t afford a kiln to fire it. So I have to be content with what I can do as I learn this medium. I’m all about color, line and texture and I can draw. The next project in glass is going to be really challenging for me. I’m excited and  I look to these for inspiration.




Neptune and friends

This was a commission that I finished today. An illustration of Neptune and Mermen trapped in glass surrounded by stained glass. It was a challenge – I cut myself many times – trying to fit a finite space is hard. The illustration is based on an ancient Greek motif that I altered a bit. Magically today the panel I created fit perfectly. I’v been working on this for a long time and happily today it is done.