Grandma and a Book?

I went to the curator walk through of the show I’m in Glitterbomb. It’s closing soon at the end of gay pride. It was interesting to see the other artists and hear them talk about their work. I got to talk about my work and people were really interested in the vintage images I’m working with. I collect images of affectionate men from another era and have used them in the pieces I’m creating along with images from the GLBT Historical Society. A writer in the group was really interested in my collection. He wants to talk to me about a book – he’s inspired by old photos and writes about them. I sent him this one of my grandmother’s photos – straight guys being affectionate – it was another time without labels. I included the other photos here- one of my grandma Lily (on the left) and her friend. The dark haired guy – is that “Short”? – he’s one of the guys grandma was with for awhile. She was always a character and I loved her. Anyway I sent this to him and he wants to talk about doing a book together. I have quite a few photos of vintage men together that I’ve collected over the years. It was nice to be noticed today and have my work appreciated and have people that want to work with me.


Grandma's photo1

Grandma's photo



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