I’ve wanted to be in the shows put on by Queer Cultural Center for the last two years. I submitted paintings before that I thought fit their themes but was overlooked. This year doing something that is new for me a conceptual piece – I got in. The interesting thing is that there was not really anything that was just a painting in this show. Photography, installation, sculpture, comics, illustration and performance art were there.

I wanted this so bad – I busted my ass getting the work done – and writing a good statement. I pulled out all the stops – Seth Eisen helped me with the statement and so did my friend Madeline Jacobs. When the head of Queer Cultural Center, Pamela Peniston, gave me the thumbs up on my work and told me she remembered my statement – it made me feel like something.

The background images are from the GLBT Historical Society who I volunteer with and were found at a thrift store.  The dick photos are from my studio mate who wishes to remain anonymous – how often does somebody give you a box of dicks?

Most important when I walk into a show I’m doing and get Mark Chester, Dan Becker and my women from Center for Sex and Culture (Dorian and Marlene who are in the show with me) – it’s a great night. I liked the placement I got on the wall and enjoyed watching people interact with my salvaged boxes all night. Here’s one of them. This is for those who couldn’t make it.








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