As the sign says…

Saw this on San Pablo in Berkeley.



A commission.

My client is kind of a dirty old man. I’m doing a window for him that is the centerpiece of a larger stained glass window with a wood frame. For the illustration of Poseidon he requested big dicks on the mermen but not too big. I try to give too much. The illustration is on paper and gets trapped between two sheets of glass making a panel of a stained glass window. He’s been hard to pin down. I took a risk and went ahead and cut glass that I thought would work together. Today I got his approval. I was relieved, there are so many ways this could have gone wrong. He was so happy he said “I want to hump your leg, but that guy’s in the room.” He brought his friend who turned out to be a really hot guy and I was just like “you can bring that to me any day”. This will be wrapped up in the next week or so.



Grandma and a Book?

I went to the curator walk through of the show I’m in Glitterbomb. It’s closing soon at the end of gay pride. It was interesting to see the other artists and hear them talk about their work. I got to talk about my work and people were really interested in the vintage images I’m working with. I collect images of affectionate men from another era and have used them in the pieces I’m creating along with images from the GLBT Historical Society. A writer in the group was really interested in my collection. He wants to talk to me about a book – he’s inspired by old photos and writes about them. I sent him this one of my grandmother’s photos – straight guys being affectionate – it was another time without labels. I included the other photos here- one of my grandma Lily (on the left) and her friend. The dark haired guy – is that “Short”? – he’s one of the guys grandma was with for awhile. She was always a character and I loved her. Anyway I sent this to him and he wants to talk about doing a book together. I have quite a few photos of vintage men together that I’ve collected over the years. It was nice to be noticed today and have my work appreciated and have people that want to work with me.


Grandma's photo1

Grandma's photo



Sometimes mistakes can be beautiful. I was taking a picture of something with my phone in my room when I dropped it. It was on camera, catching it I took a picture. I kinda love the abstract nature of this – it looks like a painting – and oddly, as a painter, these are my colors.




If you remember my stained glass bull head with real cow horns, you’ll appreciate this. I went to The Bone Room today to see what inspires me and found these. They don’t match exactly – the basket had a few single horns. Thought I could make these work on a new stained glass piece. Feeling inspired because it’s a beautiful animal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.24.16 PM


Berkeley? Straight Land

After three days of Open Studios in Berkeley – I’m just over it. I have to do next weekend as well. I was really missing San Francisco where anything goes. I’m reposting this image of a gogo boy from Folsom Street Fair because he was causing a stir at the studio. Let me just say that this to me, based on my experience in SF, is a tame image.

I was missing the gays – talked to maybe a handful over the weekend. We have a community wall where I put this painting. I saw another straight male artist with I guess his wife and buddy laughing at it. I don’t know what was said, but it kinda pissed me off. I expect some nonsense from the general public but NOT from other artists. He does abstracts – Really?

Another girl at the studio does nudes, male and female, and she got all kinds of weird responses too. I had a very old lady artist, my neighbor there, tell me pointing out this painting “You’re so out there, and it gives me the courage to be me”.

I had some really good conversations over the weekend, but it really made me miss SF. There are people I know there who have been doing sexual/provocative work much longer than I have. I feel like this a battle some days for respect and acceptance simply for being gay and different.



I’ve wanted to be in the shows put on by Queer Cultural Center for the last two years. I submitted paintings before that I thought fit their themes but was overlooked. This year doing something that is new for me a conceptual piece – I got in. The interesting thing is that there was not really anything that was just a painting in this show. Photography, installation, sculpture, comics, illustration and performance art were there.

I wanted this so bad – I busted my ass getting the work done – and writing a good statement. I pulled out all the stops – Seth Eisen helped me with the statement and so did my friend Madeline Jacobs. When the head of Queer Cultural Center, Pamela Peniston, gave me the thumbs up on my work and told me she remembered my statement – it made me feel like something.

The background images are from the GLBT Historical Society who I volunteer with and were found at a thrift store.  The dick photos are from my studio mate who wishes to remain anonymous – how often does somebody give you a box of dicks?

Most important when I walk into a show I’m doing and get Mark Chester, Dan Becker and my women from Center for Sex and Culture (Dorian and Marlene who are in the show with me) – it’s a great night. I liked the placement I got on the wall and enjoyed watching people interact with my salvaged boxes all night. Here’s one of them. This is for those who couldn’t make it.