Some nails and a little time.

So I’ve collected old square nails from the restoration of an 1884 Victorian, where I used to live. That was another life ago and I still have the nails. I decided to just let the materials speak to me and let me know what they wanted to be. Funny thing is – I’m winding up kinda Asian and it’s tripping me out. I asked Alan – my Asian friend at the studio – and he was like yeah totally. I’m making some kind of pagoda thing. I’m reminded of playing with Lincoln logs as a kid and making houses out of playing cards. It also reminds me of tramp art and prison art where things were made of match sticks and cigarette cartons.

This is organic – put together intuitively. No straight lines or perpendicular things – the old nails are bent and full of character. It’s what it is.

Most importantly this is all about shadows. This is why I love sculpture because it makes shadows and projects itself onto the world. Late afternoon angled light is best for making this appear to be something. And I’m not done – this is a work in progress.

IMG_4699 (1)





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