I am not a hobbyist.

I have made art my life. Those of you who don’t get that never will.

Recently I took a class, Critique and the Creative Process at Berkeley City College, one of the highest art classes they have. It’s been a journey with mostly young artists that find my work relevant. I can’t say enough about this – some young people really get me.
I’ve had my final review with two professional artists and my teacher and it went well. One was a middle aged white straight woman – not my audience – go figure. She said my work was about sex and power and that she found that interesting. My sex worker series (which I was not sure how it would be received) she said she felt a deep respect towards my models and that I could take this further. I had wanted to present them as real people and somehow got this across. Another straight male kid in my class was objectifying women in his work and we had a healthy discussion about art and porn and boundaries in work. He’s really talented but needs to work some things out for himself. I found myself really connecting with him sharing a beer and a cigarette and talking about art.
The other artist upon the panel was an African American woman who is really talented. I connected with her experimental work and her. She’s doing stuff with gold leaf and gun powder and has had shows in China, Montreal and all over the place. carolynjeanmartin.com  She told me my stained glass work is really interesting and experimental and really contemporary right now. My sex workers: she liked the background removed and said they were powerful. She said ” L’Hotel Voyeur is incredible… thoughtful… very innovative…” (It better be it got me in a show Glitterbomb).
When somebody I admire tells me this – it feels good.
My teacher says my work is very strong and I need to believe it. He says I need to be around people as good as me and I should go for an MFA degree. I’m really considering this. This is about art and passion and trying to be something. I can see myself teaching and giving back at my age now. And for those of you who say “teachers don”t make a lot of money” – you can just suck my dick.
This painting is the beginning of my presentation and I feel it represents me quite well.

One comment

  1. Hi Cricket. …good work on getting these thoughts out there.
    Best of luck on continuing teaching.
    Good work here. Nice painting direction.

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