A walk home.

Tonight the theme was shooting through things. Shooting through windows and fences – anything I found interesting in Berkeley. The walk is 3 miles and this is what I saw…











Some nails and a little time.

So I’ve collected old square nails from the restoration of an 1884 Victorian, where I used to live. That was another life ago and I still have the nails. I decided to just let the materials speak to me and let me know what they wanted to be. Funny thing is – I’m winding up kinda Asian and it’s tripping me out. I asked Alan – my Asian friend at the studio – and he was like yeah totally. I’m making some kind of pagoda thing. I’m reminded of playing with Lincoln logs as a kid and making houses out of playing cards. It also reminds me of tramp art and prison art where things were made of match sticks and cigarette cartons.

This is organic – put together intuitively. No straight lines or perpendicular things – the old nails are bent and full of character. It’s what it is.

Most importantly this is all about shadows. This is why I love sculpture because it makes shadows and projects itself onto the world. Late afternoon angled light is best for making this appear to be something. And I’m not done – this is a work in progress.

IMG_4699 (1)




An old house.

There’s a lot I walk by all the time in Berkeley. There’s this old house propped up like they’re going to move it. But it just sits there. I don’t know why but it always kinda gets me.


As deadly as a rusty nail.

I helped restore an 1884 Victorian in San Francisco with an old ex of mine. As we worked on it, I collected all the old square nails. I have three tins of them. Never knowing what I was going too do with them – I saved them.

Now I have an idea to create an obelisk type construction of old nails and incorporate stained glass somehow. I figured out how to put it together today. Don’t know where this is going but it will be cool. This is part of my history and remnants of the house I had to walk away from.



An old truck.

I awoke very early one morning and walked around Berkeley. I found this old truck after grabbing a coffee and heading back home. I loved it and the setting.


I am not a hobbyist.

I have made art my life. Those of you who don’t get that never will.

Recently I took a class, Critique and the Creative Process at Berkeley City College, one of the highest art classes they have. It’s been a journey with mostly young artists that find my work relevant. I can’t say enough about this – some young people really get me.
I’ve had my final review with two professional artists and my teacher and it went well. One was a middle aged white straight woman – not my audience – go figure. She said my work was about sex and power and that she found that interesting. My sex worker series (which I was not sure how it would be received) she said she felt a deep respect towards my models and that I could take this further. I had wanted to present them as real people and somehow got this across. Another straight male kid in my class was objectifying women in his work and we had a healthy discussion about art and porn and boundaries in work. He’s really talented but needs to work some things out for himself. I found myself really connecting with him sharing a beer and a cigarette and talking about art.
The other artist upon the panel was an African American woman who is really talented. I connected with her experimental work and her. She’s doing stuff with gold leaf and gun powder and has had shows in China, Montreal and all over the place. carolynjeanmartin.com  She told me my stained glass work is really interesting and experimental and really contemporary right now. My sex workers: she liked the background removed and said they were powerful. She said ” L’Hotel Voyeur is incredible… thoughtful… very innovative…” (It better be it got me in a show Glitterbomb).
When somebody I admire tells me this – it feels good.
My teacher says my work is very strong and I need to believe it. He says I need to be around people as good as me and I should go for an MFA degree. I’m really considering this. This is about art and passion and trying to be something. I can see myself teaching and giving back at my age now. And for those of you who say “teachers don”t make a lot of money” – you can just suck my dick.
This painting is the beginning of my presentation and I feel it represents me quite well.

Something stained

I’m new to making stained glass but I enjoy walking by Ohmega Salvage and seeing their old windows. Saw this one tonite in the window. Kinda loving it with the reflections. IMG_4657

Coming back from Guillain Barré Syndrome

This was my final class project. We had to a project on the body or humor. I chose to do a piece about Guillain Barré Syndrome. I got it 3 or 4 years ago – it’s all a blur now. You get a virus that tricks your immune system into attacking your nerves. It’s a creeping paralysis – I wound up paralyzed from the waist down and had no use of my hands. I could not sign a check. For me as an artist losing all my artistic abilities was the hardest thing to take. I received treatment and after physical therapy wound up making  a complete recovery. For me trying to draw again was the hardest thing – day 25 after GBS I did my first drawing and managed to recover my skills slowly.

The black hand is the disease. The wrench is rebuilding – the hand is papered with a chapter on Male Homosexuality – I could not have gotten through it without David. The green hand is about learning to draw again. The gold hand with drips – is what I’m doing now – I have a show up about the evolution of a drip at Glama Rama Salon & Gallery




Stained Glass Bull

My final presentation is due for my class and I’ve had to rephotograph things. I had not been able to get a good picture of this to date. I’m finding sculpture hard to photograph. So I bought a white sheet and set this up at the studio. Lots of ironing- ugh. It was an overcast day that worked in my favor at the studio with lighting. I thought this came out well.