Something new

Found an old canvas at the studio today with FREE on it. If you are stupid enough not to paint out something – I will take it and rock it out. This is what I found and this is what I did. Oddly enough the texture of it worked to my advantage. Big canvas is not cheap – silly people.




Show time!

I have to deliver all the paintings for my show Evolution: Making Sense of a Drip. Opening May 2nd at Glama Rama Salon and Gallery in Oakland. Went to the studio today and was a painting short of what I needed. There was a damaged canvas hanging around the studio that nobody wanted. I snagged it fixed it and painted this today. My final painting for the show. I wasn’t sure of this – thought I completely fucked it up. My friend said she liked it and to leave it alone. So here you go…


The project at hand

So my next project has to be on the body. We were told if there was an injury or something like that to choose a body part. I had Guillain Barré Syndrome around 3-4 years ago (it’s all a blur at this point) and was paralyzed from the waist down and lost the use of my hands. A virus tricks your immune system into attacking your nerves and it’s a creeping paralysis. So my piece is about coming back from that. I had mannequin hands saved from when the GLBT Historical Society was getting rid of some mannequins. I’ve kept them for years now and now have a purpose for them. This project is underway and not finished. Here is the first couple of hands done and the others being worked on. They will be holding something – a brush, a pencil – as I learned how to draw again.






Couldn’t cope with people today, so I spent the afternoon at my studio with nobody around. I’m working on a stained glass project – my first commission. Poseidon will be here with friends and some beautiful stained glass.


Sex Project

When having to come up with a topic for a series for my class- I wanted to do something about my sex positive experience in San Francisco. I did not expect to get some of the weird, bitchy comments I got when showing this around. The best comment came today from a lesbian who saw my gogo boy and said “he’s hot – I want to come back as a gay man”. Tonight we had an open studio while I was working on this. Two lovely women said “this is just Folsom and Dore” and I was thrilled because I finally got my people. The pictures I worked from were from Dore Alley and Folsom street fairs and also my sketch group. My critique is Tuesday – wish me luck.