Horns are Everything

I’ve been working on this bull’s head for two weeks. I had resigned myself to making the horns out of paper mache.

Feeling like the king of random. Random I took this class. Random they pushed me to do something I’ve never done before. Random that I made a bull’s head of a certain size. I’ve just been letting materials speak to me. Random that at the Bone Room in Berkeley – I found cow horns that actually fit the size of my bull. I had to cut them down a bit to fit.

This whole thing is put together randomly. Pieces of glass that just kinda went together – nothing is perfect. The end result is it winds up with a personality and some character being handmade. The trip to the Bone Room blew my mind at the possibilities of using actual horn with stained glass.

I just may have to do a unicorn. Just because.







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