A new series for class

So the drawing I initially did was not looking luxury enough for my concept. So back to the drawing board, I came up with this. A rather awkward underpainting turned into this yesterday. I’m still working on it, but you get the idea. My gogo boy came out a little beefier than the photo – something with my gay filter. I mixed a skin tone out of 5 different colors and then mixed it again on the painting. I tried to stay with it to get the flesh done while I had my colors mixed. Hopefully finishing it today.





I think I’m turning Japanese

Trying to do some abstract art that works into my series for my show. This one today flowed out of me – to me it looks Japanese. I don’t really know what this is all about. The first one I did reminded me of Japanese pottery. Now this one. I’m usually a figurative painter in a more realistic style. This project called for some abstracts – I didn’t think it would be that hard. Now I find myself somewhere I never thought I would be. Thing is I like them – have I unleashed my inner Asian painter? You have to see it in person and see the textures – the photo doesn’t do it justice. I checked out Sumi-e painting online – the art of a brushstroke. I got close without even knowing what I was doing.


Show Time

Luck brought me a show at Glama Rama Salon and Gallery in Oakland. I had a few paintings that were a direction but not enough for a show. I have a month to do 7-8 new pieces. the concept that I scrambled to put together in the last couple of days is this:

Metamorphosis: A painter’s journey

The story of a drip that raged out of control until it became refined. Initially I had painted over a landscape with a Baroque scroll and drips. The paintings started to transform into something else, becoming more abstract. A black outline grows up and takes over becoming a black shape. A turquoise drip that dominates other paintings becomes one drip of significance.
I have my starting point which is this drip painting and my end point which is the more abstract one. I have to do a few transitions but this is the idea.

A Series for Class

I saw an article in the Huffington Post on sex workers that will be in a film coming out this year. I found it interesting; they were at a bar in NY telling their stories. I want to deal with some of the ideas of how people desire them, but also tear them down and shame them. Since I’ve been talking about this people have been telling me their personal stories of friends, family etc. This drawing is of a gogo boy at Folsom Street Fair. It’s a sketch and I’m working out the final media. I thought this was an innocent way to start out. The project was to do 6 pieces but I’m not sure if I can do that many in two weeks. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull this one off to the degree I want to. As much as this will offend some people, I’m surprised at the support around this that I’m getting.



Old cars – it’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I posted pics of old cars in Berkeley. For whatever reason I walked home tonight and saw these two. At Ohmega Salvage there was this beauty. Later on down San Pablo I ran into this old Ford truck. I was totally enamored with it, although they got a ticket.





My final bull altar

This was my class project and the critique was tonite. I set this up today at the studio before class. I had just finished the painting Monday night at the last minute. This is how it came together – utilizing all my skills. My take on a bull.




More Bull

So I have my class critique tomorrow. The bull painting I did was bad. I was like ” I just can’t bring Elsie the skipping cow into class”. So today I had to repaint this at the last minute. I like it better – I feel like it gets the fierceness of a bull. You will have to wait for the whole picture of my altar – I have to put it together tomorrow.



My “lush francisco”

Submitted these to Photoworks for their zine topic “Lush Francisco”. I did not get in. However, this is what my Lush San Francisco looks like. I have yet to get anywhere with photography. I mostly do it for enjoyment and sometimes paint from my images.






Horns are Everything

I’ve been working on this bull’s head for two weeks. I had resigned myself to making the horns out of paper mache.

Feeling like the king of random. Random I took this class. Random they pushed me to do something I’ve never done before. Random that I made a bull’s head of a certain size. I’ve just been letting materials speak to me. Random that at the Bone Room in Berkeley – I found cow horns that actually fit the size of my bull. I had to cut them down a bit to fit.

This whole thing is put together randomly. Pieces of glass that just kinda went together – nothing is perfect. The end result is it winds up with a personality and some character being handmade. The trip to the Bone Room blew my mind at the possibilities of using actual horn with stained glass.

I just may have to do a unicorn. Just because.






A wall in Oakland

Had to go to downtown Oakland. Left BART and found this wall. It spoke to me. There are so many modern buildings that just don’t interest me. I was drawn to this old one. Fucked up and raw I love it.