Bull Skin 3 – no clay

Put this together and took out the clay. I have to make horns for it now. This is the way it looks at the end of today. I have to go over all the solder lines and then patina it. But the clay is out and it didn’t fall apart.


IMG_4300 IMG_4302


Bull Skin 2

Tackled harder parts today. I am just letting this be what it wants to be. It did feel better to get an eye on. It starts to have some character. Not knowing what I’m doing, I got a bottle of wine and went to it. One of the guys said “booze and stained glass not a good combination” – I heartily disagree. This is where I’m at. I will pull the clay out when I’m done – the horns will be of another material and attached.






Bull Skin

I’m trying to create a stained glass skin for the clay form that I made. When it’s complete I will pull out the clay and hopefully it will be stable. I stayed up last night trying to wrap my head around how to do this. Today I learned some things. The clay actually worked well – I was afraid the soldering iron would be too hot and the clay would melt. The iron heats up the glass and I thought it would just fall off. None of this happened and the way I’m approaching this actually works. This is as far as I got today – doing the easier parts.

I’m just eyeballing and cutting glass – there is no pattern to follow. I leave open areas in some places so you can see through it. I’m hoping this thing holds together. I don’t know how to do the horns but will come up with something. I’m sure I’m breaking all the rules to stained glass construction but how do you know if you don’t try it?





Out on a limb

So my class is pushing me to do something I’ve never done before. I have less than a week and half to pull this together. I could easily do a painting but I’m going to do something I have never done before. My symbol is the bull – I’m fascinated by ancient depictions of it. So using a frame that I made out of salvaged wood – my temple. I’m going to make an altar and some sacred objects. I’ll do a painting for the frame but am figuring out how to make the stained glass bull head. Today I made a model in clay – still working on this – but I got the basic shape down. My idea is to give it a skin of stained glass and then pull the clay out.

I have no idea if this will work – the horns will be a problem. I will share my successes and failures here.




Bull Run

So for the class I’m taking I picked the bull as a symbol. This revolves around an event that I was at in a small town in the south of France 25 years ago. These were the pictures I took. I have a desire to paint them. Running of the bulls ala Cricket.



The Bull

For my class we had to pick a symbol. I chose the bull because I have this thing for minotaurs and just am wondering what that’s all about. Besides the sexy man beast they’re an ancient symbol. For class we had to do two pieces of art and be experimental. This had to be done in a week – I spent an afternoon on each of these.

The first I was thinking primitive golden idols and blood sacrifice. Also how they’re killed for entertainment. We make trophies of their horns and hide. I have my grandmother’s bull horns and they are precious to me. The black attachment is fake fur – I don’t know it just seemed right.

The second is from a photo I took 25 years ago at a “running of the bulls” in the the south of France. I have always loved John Singer Sargent’s oil sketches and how he says so much with one stroke. I tried to do this as an oil sketch – simple palette and as few strokes as possible. Trying to say bull, horse and car simply and create the idea of fleeing something.

I grew up in the country surrounded by horses and cattle. Party of this for me is recapturing my past life.



Looking back.

I set out today to find a slide I took over 25 years ago. I remember it, and needed it for my class. It took forever to find but I got it. I have to have it professionally scanned as my scanner is dying. In looking for that, I came across this negative that has been missing for years.

I used to take a photo class and we developed our own film. Old school before digital. It’s funny seeing this again – a self portrait in my 20’s. Complete with dust and crap, there’s still a look to film. My scanner does OK with black and white film and some photoshop magic to make it visible.




Another day. It seems I can create work that is sexy and good but I cannot write about it to save my life. I took this class to help with that but I’m struggling. I have to write an artist statement that is brilliant to go with the work I’ve done – the teacher agreed to help me with this. My first attempt was a failure so now I have less than five days to pull a brilliant statement out of my ass and submit it on deadline. I have no problem jumping off a cliff artistically – my skills are my skills. I am not a writer and this is hard for me.

Enough with this. I was by the train tracks at night in Berkeley the other night and took these. There is no third street in Berkeley; it’s just train tracks.



Something new…

I have an opportunity to produce paintings for a real estate market – staging homes. This is what I came up with – I’ve done a series of these and people like them. So I have 3 done and needed another so I went to work on this one. It’s still me but decorative with no deep statement like some other stuff I do. Hustling is my middle name – more importantly I get paid.

At points today I had no idea where this was going – this is just where I stopped today.





My beautiful dick box

So if you’ve been following me you know I’m submitting this for a show at the Queer Cultural Center. I’ve done three boxes – this is the third. I cannot seem to photograph it right – the reflections on the glass are hard to deal with. I only got the left side of this one to turn out – know there’s another dick you just can’t see it.

I’m proud of this work – and feel like it says something.