Another Day

Here’s a shot of a San Francisco Victorian that I just discovered in the Castro. Something beautiful for the fun of it.

My project L’Hotel Voyeur is underway and I’m making progress on the next box. My delight today when the old lady that gave me such a weird face when she heard I was doing a project with dicks – when it’s up on the wall done – she’s over there checking it out.

I have a feeling that the people that tell you – no one wants to see that, nobody’s interested in that – they are the first ones in line to look at it.



L’Hotel Voyeur Underway

I’m making several of these boxes for submission to a gallery show by Queer Cultural Center during Gay Pride in SF. My deadline is February 15th. I’ll be submitting a work in progress, but I’m trying to get at least three done. This is the first one with an image from the GLBT Historical Society’s collection of Gay Halloween in the 50’s. I’ve volunteered for them a lot over the years and wanted to use a couple of their images for my concept.

The dick pictures are from my studio mate that wants to remain anonymous. I wish she could take credit for these but her husband/partner is freaking out.

I really want to make a statement about male nudity. I know of really good photographers on Facebook that are being banned for photos that don’t even show a dick. There’s tits and ass everywhere. WTF.

The unpleasant look from the old woman at the studio who heard I was doing something with penises tells me I’m on to something.

However, this was on the table and a group of architects came by and said they like my work.

The last pics are of the new box I’m doing with a photo from my collection of affectionate men. More to come.






A pretty EXIT

I’m working on my project L’Hotel Voyeur and things went wrong today. I was putting a screw into what is really hard wood and it broke off – so I had to super glue it. Then I cut myself and bled all over everything. The project looks good though, more boxes are happening, and I’ll have pictures tomorrow.

It’s my lot in life to save beautiful things from an uncertain fate. This is a picture of an exit sign from an old theatre in the lower Haight. The theatre was being turned into condos and this sign showed up at a little thrift store across the street. They tried to make a mold of it and in doing that fucked it up. It was all wobbly and falling apart. I bought it, saved it, restored it. I left the color the way it was – the white is repair. I have a few prized possessions and this is one of them.

I apologize for the wall color – maybe the landlord will let me paint it – here’s hoping.



The Milk Truck

So I’m taking a class at Berkeley City College. Just managed to get enrolled and signed up for my class – everything online – which was sorta easy complicated forms. Anyway I’ll be producing new work which I will post here as I go through the creative process. There will be some erotic work which is why I’m posting the Berkeley Milk Truck – there’s a big tit on the top which you can sorta make out – it was night. I have not been in a classroom since the late 80’s. Sorta weird , sorta exciting – but feel like I got this. Excited to work with the instructor Seth Eisen who I’ve done a show with before and really respect. I’m going back to school kids.



A pic of San Francisco

Yesterday I took this picture of SF. The city that spit me out. Tonight I’m signing up for a class at Berkeley City College. I was hesitant, and went to see Seth Eisen who is teaching the class and someone that curated a show I was in awhile ago. Wound up feeling like this would be really good for me. So I’m taking the plunge. Life in the East Bay now – fuck San Francisco – although at times she is pretty.


The Dick Project or L’Hotel Voyeur

I’m working on a submission to Queer Cultural Center for a June show during Gay Pride in San Francisco. The name of the show this year is Glitter Bomb – I’ve been looked over before – who knows with curators. What started all this was my studio mate (a straight woman) coming to me with a box of dicks. She had taken the pictures earlier in her career and had done shows with them. She had these left and wondered if I could do something with them. They were taken with a Hasselblad at a massage therapist’s place. Who turns down a box of dicks?

Not one to disappoint I had an idea. This could be something about gay history/money/fetish/status/power/penis size etc. I had done box art based on Mexican icons with blinds if you will. I thought this would work well – a background image and then if you look to one side you see a dick and then the other. I have a whole box of 8×10 images to choose from.

I wanted to make beautiful boxes for these out of recycled materials – moulding from salvage yards. I thought if you make it look good enough they can’t just say it’s porn and discount it. You would appreciate the look on the old lady’s face at my studio when she asked what I was doing. Am I crazy? – I thought this was a cool idea – sex positive and all that. What’s better than a box of dicks? Getting it into a show.

I have to have my backgrounds printed professionally so it will be a few days until I get them. In the mean time on to more boxes. I managed to work out the mechanics of this today. It will have glass over the front, but that comes later.







Another Found Photo

I’m working on an art project for submission to a show in June – my deadline is February. I was focused on that today and did not take any pictures. So I’m showing you one of the old photos from my collection. This is a 4×5 negative that I found of Florence. You can just make out the word Firenze on the bottom of the picture that was photographed.

4x5scan 2

Back to Sketch – it’s been awhile

I went to Blick looking for paper and found my pad in a bigger size. It has assorted colors and is great for colored pencil. So that was my weapon of choice for the night. I still cannot manage to get a whole man on it – he always runs off no matter what size I do. I have not drawn from life for awhile and wondered if I could still do this shit. When I heard Patrick was modeling, I knew I couldn’t miss this – a personal favorite if you will. And I felt like I got a couple of good drawings of him.





Black & White Day 5

Final day – Indecision. I photograph my life, where I go what I see. For this last day, even a trip to San Francisco didn’t yield anything. I could not decide on what to do. So here’s three. One from my trip through the central valley, one from tonight of a gas station, and the dead bunny I painted that’s still hanging around from Halloween.

IMG_4045 - Version 2