Happy New Year

Thanks for following me this year as I discovered the East Bay. Happy New Year everyone!



South on Amtrak

Went on an Amtrak trip from Richmond to Hanford, down in the Central Valley. Keep in mind I’m on a moving train and was surprised these turned out at all. Shooting through dirty windows with reflections proved challenging. This is the best I got.









December Daffodils

I was running errands this evening, before I leave town and saw at the side of the road, in the shadow of a big truck these miniature daffodils. They were in such an unlikely place and probably wild and blooming. It was dark and I did not think my shot would come out. The filter I used made them appear and I think it’s cool.


Exploring a drip

This is the third painting I’ve done in this style. At times I did not know where I was going, my color sense seemed to fail me, but it pulled out in the end. I’ve been getting a good reaction to these. I’m not sure if I’m done yet with the three that I’ve created – one seems done. I have to live with it a little while and see.

I’m off for a few days – Merry Christmas everybody.





New Drip

So on the heels of painting the drip painting that I thought was successful, though not finished – I started another one. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it again. The first one flowed out of me effortlessly and I was not sure I could do that again. So today I tried this one – it was not that easy and at times I thought “this is just ugly and I don’t know what to do” – I wound up somewhere I could live with showing it to people. I’m not finished but this was the effort today. This is me fucking around and trying something new that I think is a good direction.


Randomness from my past

Today was the first day I’ve actually felt better since being sick and I actually created today – more on that tomorrow. Today I’m in an odd mood and went back to my archive before the blog to pull out some pictures. This is what appealed to me today.






PO Box

I’ve been sick for the last few days, so everything has come to a stand still. The only thing I have to offer today is a picture of the PO Boxes at a Berkeley station. The building is just plain ugly but inside are these old really cool boxes.


Dead leaves and such

Nothing brilliant today – everybody’s pissing me off – the rain finally stopped. So here is the thrift store angel (that I stained) that I put on the fence in the yard that I can see again. And not to be left out, a rose blooming in December in Berkeley at the base of a big rose bush. It’s the little things some days that keep me going.




So I woke up today with a rainstorm and the power was out. I wasn’t even going to go to the studio today. Forced out I had an idea I wanted to try. The fish drippy painting was an experiment that I thought could be taken to another level. Today because of rain I worked with what I have – an acrylic painting that I thought was boring and I needed a large canvas. The paint I had left from other projects was bright, not really even my thing – but let’s just fuckin use it. There weren’t many people at the studio, so I just took over empty space and threw down a painting. At times I did not know where I was going. My stained glass is all about color and texture and I wanted to bring that to painting. I love metallics and wanted to use them in an interesting way. This is where I wound up. I like the direction and I’m not done – this is just where I ended up today.




Old Dog, New Trick

So you might have seen I’m renovating our bathroom – as part of the final – it’s still in progress – I threw down some art for it. The theme is Greco-Roman design elements. Always a sucker for a baroque dolphin I did this in the last couple of days. Somewhere between graffiti, abstracts and antique line art I wound up here. This really is the most modern thing I’ve done lately. I have ideas where to take this direction; this was a total experiment. The corner store guy didn’t get it – he just said “I don’t understand”. My fellow artists thought it was cool and supported me. So I don’t really know what to think – let me know. The colors go with the room I’m building so I was happy about that. It’s painted with acrylics and metallics which are hard to photograph.