Prud’hon angel on glass

So – put this together today. Cutting the mask out of clear contact paper proved difficult. Small shapes are hard to cut and they move – I had to cut the face 3 times. In the end I got this – but the sun went down and it was hard to photograph. This is the best I could do today.





Do you believe in beauty

with all the crazy shit going on in the world. Riots in Oakland with the stupid Ferguson decision. Tonight trying to get home someone jumped in front of a BART train at Berkeley station. I spent the afternoon trying to create an angel for the shop I’m working with now. Angelic of Berkeley. I visited Pierre Paul Prud’hon a painter I love. “The Soul Breaking the Ties that Bind it to Earth” a late painting that inspired this drawing for etching onto glass. I have an old frame that I fixed up – the blackened bronze paint matched the faded gold color of the original that needed some work. I got the glass cut to fit the frame. Tomorrow I have to size the drawing and cut it out of contact paper to etch it. A challenge but I think I can pull this off. I’m doing this post listening to Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures which I found on iTunes which her family put out after her death. Beautiful and fleeting she was. And what a fucked up day. Wish me luck…




Vintage Men – Vintage Ladies

A couple of years ago I did my first photo book of vintage men from my collection. I only had three copies made and sold a couple. I had started a companion book of vintage ladies but never finished it. In fact, it took me awhile to find it in all my stuff. So finding it last night, I made some coffee and finished it today. I’m going to have a couple copies of each at my Open Studio on Dec. 5, and then they will be available in my Etsy shop or send me a message.

A total of 20 pages (6″ x 6″) with photos scoured from flea markets and antique shops. This is my eye, what appealed to me. I added painted backgrounds of my patterns  to complete the page. In the men’s book the patterns are from stencils I made for painting on walls. The ladies book has patterns from when I dabbled in textile design. Here’s a sample.





The right photo

At first I hesitated to sign on for doing the postcard for our Holiday Open Studio – it’s needed yesterday. So I said what the fuck – just do it. I had in my head the idea of a night shot to show the restaurants lit up. Today it rained a lot. So I went out in the rain to get my shot, not knowing if it would work out at all. It actually came out really cool – painterly. I was trying to say holiday without typical red and green, etc. – the lights did it for me. So I put together this postcard for the show tonight.




So I hadn’t been to my sketch group for a really long time. I’ve missed those guys. Anyway I forgot my glasses. At the end of the day small text and lines are just blurry without glasses. So not really aware of what I was getting I did this. I could see the basics of it but nothing was sharp. Nothing brilliant here just what I was able to produce impaired. I was sitting in a chair with a brush in my mouth and one in my hand and holding ink in a glass container while balancing paper in my lap with water on the floor. Challenging.



A white night

It was really when I was walking to a show I was doing and saw this baby grand in the window – and thought white. Then I saw this house at night – a white house – it was so dark I couldn’t see to take a picture – with my eye I just thought it was cool. I was amazed I actually got something. Then at home I went through some pics and pulled out this water tower that I haven’t shown before – white.




Walking through Berkeley

Walked 3 miles to the studio and 3 miles back tonight. This was my day – this is what I saw. I vary my route discovering things and today found a park – Strawberry Creek Park. A bunch of green in the middle of nowhere. More old cars which always catch my attention. I fell for this old Volvo boxed in at car lot. Shooting through a chain link fence proved to be a bitch – but this is what I could get. And I do love a sexy fender.






The Key?

Got a late start today and was at the studio late tonight. Being creative is not being afraid to fail. I did this thing today after other work and was just playing around. I thought of jewelry, art deco, Metropolis, all kinds of things. The glass piece I was trying to cut broke into three pieces and I just went with it that way. I’m just experimenting here. Soldering this together was harder than I thought. And then it needed something and I put a key on it. The key to all this – is this opened my eyes. I know how to solder now. I have cool old stuff I’ve collected – metal stuff for mixed media work. I’m getting ideas.