What’s a Cricket?

I picked up a show today from a cafe in San Francisco, so I don’t have any great pics today. I’ve shaved for my Halloween character for our party. It feels weird – I’m always in some state of stubble. This is a selfie from last night but I thought the graininess of an iPhone photo and the random colors from my room turned out cool. I’m going to carve a dirty gay pumpkin for our party and deciding whether to post it or not. I guess if it works out I will have to. I do like being subversive and turning a Jack O’ Lantern dirty. My roommates, even the straight ones, APPROVE.



Green Man window: Installed

I set out to teach myself curves, giving myself an ambitious project. Fig leaves and a green man for fig house. Not actually knowing what I was doing – I just jumped in and did it. I learned a lot creating this window. It’s not perfect. I find perfection ultimately boring. Thick and thin solder lines, pieces of glass that were a bitch to cut out – not to mention how many times I cut myself – and it’s done. The frame is old – I let it be an old frame with worn parts and I think the whole is quite beautiful – in a fucked up way. This is me being myself, creating something from nothing.



Green Man window – almost done

So I finished foiling and got the front soldered and patinaed – and into the frame – no small task. I’m waiting for a package with solder to show up and finish the back. I’ve waited all month for this as I figured it out. This was a project I made for myself to learn how to cut curves. These are hand drawn – no perfect geometry here. I waited for the sun to go down today to get the perfect shot. Today this was the best I could do.






Barbed Wire and Glitter

Walked home from the studio the other night and caught these pics. The barbed wire and glitter is from a car lot off San Pablo – I found it compelling in the light. I like walking by the old typewriter store, ghosts of yesteryear. I’ve always found things more interesting at night. I’m dark skinned for a white boy and prefer dark colors. Some idiot I slept with wrote me off as goth and said I needed to be around children. He was a retired funeral director. Really? I can do happy and bright colors – I know what that’s like – and I don’t live there 24/7. Dark and rich would be my natural state.





More foiling today – it’s tedious and not always that easy. Funny, Alan Chou, my studio mate, decided to paint me without me knowing it, working on my window. I was always moving around so I don’t know how he did it. Created a cobalt blue heart for sale on my Etsy account: drawnbycricket.com – by the way I stabbed myself with a piece of glass on this one – bleeding for art.



Broken Heart

I’m coming up with ideas for ornaments/sun catchers. Besides the angels I designed a star and a heart. The star – the pieces wound up so small it wasn’t going to work. The heart worked out. I’m trying to create something unique with things we’ve seen a million times. Thought this turned out kinda cool. Also challenging myself with what I can get away with in stained glass. Loving negative space right now. These will be in my shop on Etsy: drawnbycricket.com as soon as I can get some good pictures.




Cricket did it.

So after I post angels – I have to post something gay. Just because I’m who I am. I hope you appreciate it – created from ancient porn and pictures that I’ve taken recently. William is the respectable artist – Cricket doesn’t give a shit.




I guess I’ll see if anybody actually reads this. Today photographing and creating more stained glass angels. Took a picture of the progress on my green man window – foiling is tedious. The sunset tonite was reminiscent of stained glass – no filter. More to the point – I don’t understand the straight, hot, gay-friendly men that I encounter in the East Bay. I let people know who I am and just when a door will probably slam closed – they keep opening for me. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered. This is just how I feel and I’m pretty confused right now. How far does nice go?



Sunset at the Studio

I’ve started foiling my Green Man window / Stained glass angels being photographed to go online / trying to get back into Etsy / Working on Marilyn Mitchell’s rock album artwork – a lot going through my head and I can’t sleep.

All I can show for yesterday is the sunset at my studio in Berkeley. The clouds were really trippy all day.