A little collage

I’m doing a show at Church Street Cafe for October. I’m doing it with my friend Melisa Phillips who is showing some paintings. Their wall can’t really accommodate large work so I’m showing small collages. This is a new one that I was working on today at the last minute. I’m not sure it’s done – this is just where I’m at today.



Late on Ashby

Sometimes I walk home from the studio relatively late. I don’t know why I found this building on Ashby so compelling. I liked the way it was run down and looked in the light.


Window #3 put together

Took me all day to get to the studio. Was able to solder one side as the sun went down. Tomorrow I will finish up and have better pictures – but for now this will have to do. The border is red and a violet color, a subtle difference – you can’t really tell in this light. Patina on the solder tomorrow and I might be able to get a frame done. My whole thing is to make windows that look old – I’m liking the way these are coming out. We”ll see how far I get tomorrow.IMG_3537

Simply Happy

I’m not used to butterflies posing for me. But these two were captivated by the mud as I walked through Berkeley. I don’t know what kind they are – I’ve never seen them before. They did not seem to care as I tried to get close. Glad these came out.





So this is the second window I designed but had to wait until I got a grinding tool to do it- so #3. This one is all about color and texture. I had old bubble glass, star glass and a newer texture that I thought went well together. The red is 100 year old red – valuable. It’s only red on the surface of both sides, the thick inside is clear. I am told they used gold to make the red color. It’s rich and luscious and I love it. A simple Victorian pattern for this window. The yellow and purple are a 100 years old as well. Simple now as I hone my craft – getting into curves soon on my green man.


The Green Man

I took a trip to Cambridge and London and was obsessed with the green man. He was in most of the churches I saw and on public buildings. Inspired by that trip and from a photo of a Roman Sarcophagus in a book I bought – I made these plaster sculptures of the weeping green men. I’ve since sold this piece. When I start a new project I do a search online to see what comes up. So I did a search for green men and was surprised how tacky a lot of it is. I was told, “you can find everything online why buy a book?” I seek out the obscure old resource books that have the really cool shit. I value books. These are some pics from my sketchbook of my London trip where I saw the real thing. Recently I got into stained glass. Today at salvage I found some green glass and thought Green Man. I’m surrounded by faeries now and thought it was time to do a Green Man etched onto glass for a window. Going primitive as I’ve done before but with glass.


IMG_3501 green man



Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Closer Deeper Finale

I’m somebody that does a lot of things. One of the things I do is erotic art – drawings, paintings and collages. I chose this year to weave together antiques and porn with unexpected results. Very different from the painting that got in the show last year. The curators liked what I did and it was displayed between the Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fairs. I couldn’t hope for a more fitting ending to a show than Folsom Street Fair. The people at The Center for Sex and Culture are amazing artists themselves and support the erotic arts. They’re an oasis in San Francisco. These are a few pics from the closing show and the work that was displayed.




Cock Sucking Louis XV cabinet

Fucking Silver Spice Jars

Suck Me Gilt Console Table

Unchained Melody

The Cat

I was smoking a cigarette after a night out – yes it was late and this cat walked by on our fence. So nonchalantly, looked at me for a minute as I fumbled for a camera and then it was gone. I liked this photo.