Midnight on San Pablo

A digital collage with a photo of one of the classic cars I’ve photographed in Berkeley. This is a new series now available on society6.com/azurecricket handbags, phone cases, T-shirts, pillows and more




I was tired today and wound up on the computer doing collages. I have had a Pinterest board about the Minotaur because I had been wanting to do a painting. I’ve done a couple in the past but it’s been years. Renewing my interest, I put this together  adding a liquor bottle background from all my stints in bars. Hope you enjoy.


Stained Glass: My Project

So I’m taking a stained glass class and have had two classes so far where we picked a pattern and cut out glass. The next one we get into the copper foil technique. In the mean time, I’ve designed another one. I had a good day at the salvage yard, finding some old patterned clear glass and some rich, red stained glass. My only criteria for this is that what I wind up making looks old. I’m using 100 year old glass that I’ve collected and still can find. The patterns are simple and geometric and classic Victorian. So finding the star glass today, I’m making it my central diamond surrounded by color. I drew out my pattern template and transferred it to the pattern paper. The pieces are now cut out and I can start cutting glass. The pattern I designed is simple and classic. On the walk home, I found it in concrete outside a Victorian. Making me feel like I’m doing the right thing for an old look.



An Old Fiat

So I’m always posting the old cars that I see in Berkeley. On the way back to the studio from my stained glass class I run into this. The most adorable fucked up thing ever. Way before the mini Cooper there was this. And I want one.






UC Berkeley Art Deco

I usually stay away from downtown Berkeley and all the students. Randomly I wind up needing to go to Wells Fargo and decide to walk down Telegraph to my bar the White Horse. I’ve never walked by campus before and found this amazing Art Deco coliseum – I can’t believe it’s still there and they take care of it – it’s beautiful. Looking like something out of Metropolis – I was loving these doorways.






Stained Glass: My past

I used to have an 1884 Victorian. I created stained glass windows and doors for it from salvaged glass. I scoured flea markets and salvage yards to find old glass. I had to leave the house behind but I still have the glass that I found. I have always wanted to learn how to make a stained glass window with the copper foil/solder technique and that’s what I’m going to be learning. The window I designed is made of salvaged glass and I begin cutting glass tomorrow. Stay tuned there will more to come as I learn how to do this.





A place for something

So I’m taking a stained glass class, there will be more about that later. For now I had to create a space to show the stained glass piece I’m working on at my studio. I created walls from old doors and decided to work off of that. I can create modern artwork, whatever you want really – but when it comes to my personal space like my studio – it has to be old and have patina. I find comfort and beauty in old things. I collect them – I’ve had this bracket sitting around for 5 years waiting for a use and I found it. I went to a salvage yard and bought some old trim – attached it to my door, leaving a cantilever to hang a piece of stained glass. Stay tuned I start cutting glass tomorrow – it’s a 5 week course and I’ve been to one class. More to come.



Loving Old Cars in Berkeley

I walk everywhere and on my travels I see these old cars everywhere. I like classic cars – if I could I would own one. New cars just don’t have the personality of these beauties. I got to talk to a guy today while I was taking pictures of his car – he told me there used to be a classic car lot but it moved – and that there were a lot of old cars in Berkeley – and that his was for sale (the black one) – a nice guy in a  mechanics outfit. What do I have to do to get a ride in one of these things?











Il est terminé

So the frame compelled me to do a still life. The name Tobias Stranover was on it – probably a print from the 50’s based on the construction of the frame. Anyway he did exotic birds and still life paintings. I was broke at the time and pulled what I needed from the grocery store and my yard, completing a Caravaggio lighted still life. Today I cleaned the frame with some vinegar and linseed oil to give it a cleaned up finish. This is the way it looks now. It came out better than I expected – proving to myself that I can still do shit.