Sometimes I work backwards…

I collect old frames. Sometimes they need work like this one. I started working on the frame a long time ago, carving back detail (using modeling paste) that was lost. I’ve had ideas for the art to go in it, but could never decide. I’m working on  a series of industrial landscapes of West Oakland and thought I should do one for this – but no. I thought the frame wanted a floral with a dark background. At first I thought orchids. Looked through my pictures and discovered some waterlilies and I thought that’s it. The size is irregular so I had to buy stretcher bars – customize it -and wrap it with canvas. Today I started painting and this is as far as I got. This type of oil painting is different from the one I just did. This one is direct on canvas – no underpainting. While the painting dries I intend to work on the frame bringing it back to a better condition.






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