Mary Jane

New design inspired by Mucha for my stoner friends. I did a search for marijuana art and it turned up some pretty lame, tacky stuff so here is my submission. Hand drawn and painted for where you can get it on all sorts of merchandise.




Another random day in Berkeley.

I’m working on a project that I will hopefully finish tomorrow and be able to post. On the way to the studio today I ran into some potatoes on the sidewalk. Looking like little Henry Moore sculptures I thought they were oddly compelling. I’m the guy taking a picture of a fucking potato on the sidewalk. Right. There was a face in concrete that I had walked by a hundred times and only saw today. An empty store that has been calling to me – got me today. And last one is the sky at the end of the day that just made me glad to be in California.





Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer

Cricket is my nickname and one I use for erotic works. I am thrilled to be in this show at CSC. Here is a sample of the collage work I did for this show – come to the show to see the rest. Weaving together 1960’s antique magazine pages and gay porn from the 80’s. No digital hijinks here actual cutting up and weaving.

Opening Reception: Friday August 1, 7-10 pm

Center for Sex and Culture  1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA
August 1 – September 21, 2014
Closing Reception: Folsom Fair Sunday September 21, 4-7 pm

Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer focuses on work by Bay Area visual artists addressing themes of themes of sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity in their art. Curated and juried by Jenn Moreno and Dorian Katz, artists were told “please do not censor yourself. Nothing is too perverse!”

Doing Your Dirty Work is CSC’s annual group show of contemporary artists. This year’s show, as the title suggests, stays Closer, limiting submissions to Bay Area artists, and goes Deeper, presenting more work by each artist. By limiting the show to a dozen artists, rather than the usual few dozens, we hope to better allow the viewer to get to know each of these brilliant and perverse contributors to sexual culture making. Work ranges from embroidered doilies of porn star Sasha Grey’s face mid money-shot, collages of gay porn and auction house antiques woven together, digital prints of beloved artists lost to the AIDS Crisis in both San Francisco and New York, and racy yet old-fashioned pencil drawings of human-machine hybrids caught ‘in flagrante delicto.’

Join us at the reception to take a deeper, closer look at artworks by: Anna Zusman, Cricket, crissy bell snail, Emma Laughlin, Felicita Norris, gregory farrar scott, James Courtney, Jon Macy, Shayna Why, Shilo McCabe, Tyler Cohen, Win Mixter with Alex Fialho.Unchained Melody

Going digital for a minute

Here’s a digital collage of my drawing, an old photo and other pictures and textures that I have. Put together in Photoshop. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first but thought I’d put it out there and see what people think.


Night Owl

As Carly Simon sang in the 70’s – I’m a night owl honey. Out in the yard with a drink and am always amazed at the light on the grape leaves hanging on the fence – they’re lit up by the apartment building next door. A shot of my window. I wish I had a better camera – the iPhone just doesn’t pick up what the eye can see. There’s a rich dark world that somehow I will show you.



Berkeley is Green

I got into an art show and am focused on that right now – I’ll post more about that later. So on my travels through Berkeley – it seems everybody has a yard with tons of cool shit growing in it. Just walking around I saw this rose and as much as I thought I’ve seen roses a million times – I had to take a picture. Don’t know why – you should see the stuff I walk by without taking a picture. So here you go more flowers from Berkeley. The rose and yellow spotted flower – no filters were used – no cropping that’s just the way they came out from what I see.




So the painting is underway…

My response to having a Tobias Stranover frame was to do a still life for it. Keep in mind I haven’t done a still life in years. So I start on my still life journey by drafting it out in raw umber. Then starting with the background which is most of the painting. I’m building up layers here – so bear with me. I had a good day painting but couldn’t get a good picture of it with my iPhone to save my life. I’ll have to try my other camera tomorrow.





Memory Lane

Going through photos looking for another painting project and came upon these from the Academy of Sciences building in Golden Gate Park. Before I ever had a blog there was this.






What the frame wants…

So my last post was the art of Tobias Stranover, because I bought a frame for $9.99 with his name on it.  The frame is not that old and probably had a print of his work in it. The finish is in pretty good condition, so I want to keep it with the original patina. I was thinking what am I gonna do for this. He did exotic birds and still lifes. Originally I was thinking of a photo of a begonia with cool leaves to paint. I kept changing my mind. What about a still life? I haven’t done one in years. On the way home today I stopped by the grocery store and thought what speaks to me – looking for color. I walked by flowers and kept going. I picked up some fruit and a couple of small eggplants because I liked the green of the stem. At home I grabbed a couple of things from the yard, some old stuff I have and put it together. I want dark rich background – the old school way. I intend to try and paint this taking some artistic liberties where needed.