Oxalis Triangularis

Known as the the Love Plant from Brazil. This thing has died back several times from neglect and my moving. It always comes back with a little care. The last time after moving I put it outside in a container and it just didn’t make it. I thought it was gone – I brought it inside – then this happened.




Goodbye David.

One of the guys from the sketch group, David Bernard, recently passed. I will remember sketching beside him. I don’t have any of his drawings to show but I do have a photo of a drawing he liked of mine. He came to my Open Studio and wanted the drawing – I gave him a low price because he was a fellow artist. He said give me a real price and overpaid me for it. I enjoyed talking with him and hearing his stories. He will be missed. It’s funny but I’ve been remembering him, things I have forgotten like this drawing…


Randomness from the past few days

Working on a submission for an upcoming art show. I’ve slacked on photography lately – it seems to get more hits than art does on WordPress. Oddly enough. Here are some random shots from the last few days. The Hotel Civic Center is in San Francisco; the rest are in Berkeley.





Collage Redux

I had a small piece that got damaged in moving from SF to Berkeley. The mat sustained some water damage. So I turned the whole thing into a collage in an effort to make it more desirable. I also started a new collage of some previous work because I was so into it. Here is a days work.

IMG_2838 IMG_2836