The resident kitty

Took this picture of my roommates cat today. The cat was snoring and it was kind of adorable. Originally I was going to post with the phrase “Black and White”. But I wanted more from this image, so I started playing around with it. Here’s the original and then my take on it. I’ve posted this to where it comes on a variety of products, even rugs.






So I was not really coping today and locked myself in my room to draw. This is me being me. I wanted it to look like he was carved out of lines. Anyway it turned out so I put it on where you can get it on various items. My personal favorite is the shower curtain.



For those of you in the San Francisco area

I’m doing a show May 8. Check it out.

I’m a featured artist at RAW Artists San Francisco presents REVOLUTION
40 RAW artists showcasing talent in:
Art / Fashion / Music / Film / Hair / Makeup / Photography / Performing Art
Featured artist William “Cricket” Ulrich
Join us for a celebration of local creativity and artistry at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco on Thursday, May 8th.
7pm-Midnight Cocktail Attire
$15 advanced tickets $20 at the door
Please try to purchase tickets by May 1st
The first 10 ticket buyers receive a pair of greeting cards with my work on them.
Cards can be picked up at the event.DJ Prince J will be spinning all night between acts, and after the fashion shows

This event is 21 and over with valid ID only

Berkeley Skies

The first photo is from a couple days ago. The 2nd one is from tonight. I was walking from my studio to an art show in the rain. It was pleasant, the sound of rain on leaves, the smell and walking by lush yards. What I’m loving about Berkeley is that the trees are taller than the buildings.



Panoramas of SF from Tank Hill

About a week ago I was up at Tank Hill above SF where I took these photos. It’s a great place to go because you can see to the beach, the Golden Gate Bridge and to downtown. I was experimenting with the panorama camera on the iPhone. Then we went by the Twin Peaks area where I saw this reservoir that I didn’t even know was there. Hope you enjoy these.





Back to Sketch

I haven’t been to my sketch group for a couple months because of moving my home and art studio to Berkeley. I always wonder, can I still do this after being gone for awhile? Three out of five drawings came out alright. I’m hoping to be there more regularly now.




Easter with the Sisters

The 35th Annual Easter in the Park with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a San Francisco tradition. Here are some of the better pics I took. In the first group shot- I’m the one in orange and green fur.






The coolest 99¢ store

So I’ve walked by this store several times in Berkeley and from the outside it looks like boring modern construction. This time I went inside, walked around and it looked like every discount store you’d ever seen until I looked up. The remains of an old theater are still there, even a balcony. I love seeing old decorative painting and plaster work. I can only imagine what this used to be like back in the day.





Sutro Tower

Found myself up by Sutro Tower today, the fog was coming in and I was shooting into the sun. Didn’t think these would turn out at all but here you go. Different filters for different effects.