A full day…

Started the day off with working in the Fig House Garden. Pulling up stones and hoeing weeds and finally placing new stones for a path. Then the continuing moving saga. Had to head to SF to my old studio to try and clear out some more things. Here’s a picture of the new studio and one of the many dramatic skies I will be seeing from now on. What I love about the new studio is the buildings nearby are low so you get big sky sunsets. Unloaded and got the Zip Car back just in time.






Ending soon…

My days in San Francisco are numbered. Here is a pic taken by my old studio – something I have walked by many times and tonight it spoke to me. They always say don’t shoot into the sun, but I did and I thought it turned out cool.


Moving saga continues

So I’ve been moving for two months now – February and March – almost done. First I moved my home to Berkeley and then decided to move my artist studio there as well. I had everything at my old artist studio which was mostly a storage unit in San Francisco. So the latest moving trip today was to move heavy shelves to Berkeley along with a rug which barely fit into my new home. Things are coming along and I can’t wait to show you my new improved studio. But that’s another day. FYI The resident cat likes the rug.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571

Marlene on the Wall

She’s been with me through so much. I drew her when I was 17 back in 1983. The first drawing I thought was good enough to frame. A young Marlene Dietrich who became my muse when I was thirsting for something/anything in Northern Kentucky. I’ve always taken her with me to the East Coast to the West Coast. I’ve done a lot of things over the years but she will always be my first love. She’s been hiding out in my studio since my breakup last year. She has finally come home to Berkeley. This is one thing I did when I was young that always makes me happy.



On one of my last trips walking to my old studio in San Francisco I pass by the freeway – I’ve passed so many times before. There’s an area of it that is lit up blue by a Ceramic Tile Design sign. It’s my favorite section. Here it is on a night when I had to go pack up my things.


Past and Present

I’ve been busy trying to handle moving my home and studio to Berkeley. I promise I’ll have some cool pictures for you soon. I had to take down my photo that was on the Artist Wall at Art Explosion from 4 years ago. I loved my studio but things must change and here I go. The last photo is of my sculpture in the new space at Firehouse Collective Studios. I have to create walls and define a space out in the open – something sort of challenging.  The blue tape on the floor defines my space. My big move is Saturday and I have a hell of a lot of work ahead of me but I promise some interesting posts when it is all said and done.


Airport Shuttle

So being a nice guy made me wind up at the SFO airport today on a shuttle from rental car return. This is a shot of the tracks with a filter and without. It’s the Camera + app on my iPhone. Has a few filters that can make things interesting.



Fig Tree

After slumber, the fig tree is coming back to life. The camera can’t capture what my eye can see. At night the lit up leaves with the stars as a background is really amazing. This is the best I can do with my amateur photographic skills. The house is named after the tree and we’re known in the community as FIG HOUSE.





All over my back yard – it’s just a weed but beautiful. I wondered what to do with just flowers but used a purple filter for unexpected results. Clover.


Walnut Creek

Walked around downtown Walnut Creek, CA today. Saw these birch trees which were part of a Veterans Memorial from a few blocks away and headed for them. Also found this cool old painted sign.