A Walk Through the Mission at Night

I love night shots. The grey of the day is replaced with soft light and shadows. My art studio is on the other side of the Mission away from Market Street in San Francisco so I always pass through there. I vary my route and times of day to get pictures. The iPhone weirds out sometimes beautifully depending on the light. I never know what I’m going to get – you just try, try, try.












On Market Street

Random picture that I took from the F-Market streetcar going up Market Street in San Francisco. This is the area around  6th Street. The car was moving so I am amazed my iPhone captured this perfectly.


Self Portrait

This is for a show and the deadline to submit is only a few days away. Tried to finish up the hair/bodyhair today. The one thing that’s bugging me is the Smirnoff bottle – it’s just not there yet. This is something I wanted to do whether it gets into the show or not. Artist going down – I thought it was funny to portray myself this way. I usually don’t do this level of realism but this was begging for it.


The Border

So painting my room is still underway. I tried out a small area with the border I designed. The border was inspired by remnants of a border that was painted on a plaster wall in an 1884 San Francisco Victorian. I designed it six years ago – it remained a pencil drawing until recently making the stencil. The color of the border is smoke metallic – the same color as the door and windows.


VD is over

Thank God Valentines Day is over. Waiting for the player that never calls you. I always fall for players-Really? Anyway some Photoshop magic at the place I wound up staying tonight.


Great Grandma’s Amaryllis

This plant belongs to a friend of mine. It was his great grandma’s amaryllis and it has been going through generations. It puts off seed pods that produce babies and has been spread throughout the city of San Francisco. I’m now taking it to Berkeley. Great grandma and her house in Phoenix are now gone but the plant lives on. I had to post this because it bloomed on Valentines Day.


Vermeer Ceiling

So my first pick for a ceiling color was a fail. I had wanted a champagne metallic but it was too much like the trim and just didn’t work. I looked at the picture that inspired the room colors and liked the blue greys in the sky. I felt the ceiling wanted to be blue grey, a cool color to offset the earthiness of the wall. In search of the right swatch, I stumbled on the Anne Hall color “Vermeer”. A light blue grey that has just the right amount of blue – how can you go wrong with a name like Vermeer? I plan on a classical painted detail above the picture molding but that’s later.


The colors…

So, I’m making my way around the room. First priming a section and then doing the top coats. The room is small so I work on a section and then have to move everything around. I hung up some paintings just to get them out of the way. This is the first section I worked on that shows the colors. Twilight Zone is the wall color, a rich eggplant. The trim and door are metallic colors, warm silver and smoke.