A glass positive of the dress of the ancient order of Lazarus and a refrigerator that was left outside. Don’t ask why. It’s Wednesday night and the eviction order went up on our door today. I have to move my stuff this weekend.



Self Portrait in progress take 2

I worked on this today. It’s hard mixing skin tone for yourself and believe me I don’t even know how I do it. Buttermilk house paint, burnt umber, alizarin crimson and then ochre and bright red, a hillbilly concoction that somehow resembles me. Flesh is hard – there are so many colors in it. Take into account that I’m an oil painter – I’ve only taught myself acrylics over the last year and they dry fast. I usually don’t do this level of realism and have challenged myself on many levels with this project. I also chose to represent myself as a booze hound, cigarette smoker which is appropriate if you know me but not something I thought people would like. Funny thing people are liking this painting which cracks me up and keeps me going. I only hope I can rock this out and get into the show I want to be in. Wish me luck. I still have my hair to do. Hair is hard!


The right swatch

I’ve searched through 4 paint stores for the perfect swatch for my new place. I wanted a violet-brown – aubergine and found that in Twilight Zone although it looks brown here – photos don’t do it justice. Appropriate enough for what I’ve been going through. Then I did a search for aubergine walls for the hell of it and found this picture. Proof that old stuff looks cool with that backdrop and I am all about old cool stuff. Stay tuned because my new place will be underway soon.


Self Portrait in progress

So there’s a show I’m submitting this for when I’m done. The show is titled “Like a Tom Waits Song” and this is what I’m doing. I’ve been working on the background and have to get into painting me now. This will be the hard part. I am armed with a photo that Claire Bain took of me – I staged the whole thing and Claire pulled the trigger. I usually don’t do this level of realism and usually go for a more painterly effect. This whole thing is a challenge for me.

Self Portrait

Inspiration Take 2

So while I wait until I can be in my new place – I am brainstorming about what I will do there. I’ve decided to build the room around an antique screen that I bought and a painting that I did for myself inspired by Caspar David Friedrich. Searching for the perfect swatch to paint the walls – I’m exploring color. I’m tired of modern interiors that are beige and white – I want color rich and dark. A deep purple brown is kind of winning me over. The ceiling will be gold and champagne metallic with a mural. At least that’s what I envision today.


The Church

There’s a shingle covered Epicopal church in the Mission District of San Francisco ( I think 14th and Capp). It has a really long name that I don’t remember. Anyway I think it’s beautiful. Here’s a picture of it when I walked by the other day.


The Cat

So as I’ve said, I’m being evicted from my place in San Francisco. I found a place in Berkeley that I visited today. One of the guys who is moving out had this adorable cat.