Walking into the New Year



Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone for noticing my blog this year as I worked my way through it. I’ll try to keep it interesting as I come up with projects for the New Year. Here’s an end of the year collage of my photos for you.


Amelia Rose

A new design inspired by an old album with my collection of photography in it. I added the rose petals to make it cooler. You can find this and more of my work at on a variety of items.

ameliarose AR totebag

Merry Christmas

A couple of the designs I did this year for my Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for noticing me this year as I worked on my blog. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

noel2 xmas copy


Just in time for the holidays, I saw this limo outside the studio in the sun and knew it was time for silver. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile – from tarnished to mirrorball – here’s silver.

IMG_2227 DSCF0719 DSCF0934 DSCF1061 IMG_1073 IMG_2198 IMG_2229 IMG_2237


I’ve been at a loss of what to post lately. So tonight I came up with this, an artistic treatment of a photo of mine. The sculpture is Diana originally from Sutro Heights and now in the visitor center there. A piece of San Francisco history.


salon walls

My friend is opening a salon called “the bare fox” and I’m painting a custom pattern for her. We chose to do a pattern with leaping foxes, sorta damask looking. These are the initial pictures – hopefully finishing up the job on Monday. The pattern is painted with a metallic warm silver over a deep eggplant color.

IMG_2210DSCF1315 IMG_2212 IMG_2213

Conservatory of Flowers

I haven’t had time to go anywhere or photograph anything with two shows opening back to back. Here are some pics of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park that I took before I started to blog. Hope you enjoy them.

IMG_5728 IMG_5729 IMG_5746 IMG_5759 IMG_5764 IMG_5769