Spent Thanksgiving with a friend in Pacifica. The weather was amazing for November. Shots of a really old whiskey and sunset pics from the porch. This morning we drove down to the pier and walked around.

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Crackle Man

I’ve been experimenting with crackle glaze over brightly colored abstract paintings. I feel like with this one, I know what to do now. Classical line drawings over crackle glaze.


An experiment: crackle

I’ve had crackle glaze sitting around for over a year and never did anything with it. So I took a painting that didn’t work out and crackled it. I added a line drawing in silver metallic that would let the finish come through. I like the 50’s motel art feel of this.


Flower Tree

The last flowers of winter on a tree in San Francisco. I posted this on where you can get it on various merchandise. Check out the many designs I have on there for holiday gifts.

IMG_2134 flower6

Queer: The Now

An exhibit celebrating LGBTQ ancestors THEN with the vital queer art of NOW. This show features the work of Queer artists from the Bay Area and beyond who are defining and depicting our world through a non-conformist Queer lens. It is a marker of our creative and social practices across time.

Los Medanos College Art Gallery, 2700 East Leland Rd., Pittsburg, CA 94565 • Curated by Seth Eisen

I chose to do a piece for this show about the Tay Bush Raid of 1961. From an article in SF Gate by Gary Kamiya: “The Tay-Bush was a one-room cafe that drew night owls who danced to its jukebox until dawn. Some walked up the hill from the theater district after the shows let out. At 3:15 that September morning, three undercover police officers in the bar gave a prearranged signal, the jukebox went silent, a loudspeaker outside blared and uniformed cops barged in. They began herding the patrons onto the sidewalk and arresting them. …  Just as important, the raid helped to create a political consciousness in the gay community. Groundbreaking gay advocacy groups such as the Mattachine Society seized on the incident to push for civil rights. … The 1961 raid marked the moment when questioning official harassment of gays became an acceptable mainstream position – which, in turn, led to the end of that harassment. The little Tay-Bush Inn is long gone, but somewhere its jukebox is still playing.”

1461608_10201464848035734_890837511_n taybush

Night Blue

Had to go to the grocery store – but on the way the night blue of the sky caught me – so I walked down Hayes from Market to Van Ness and saw the tower of this old school.

IMG_2127 IMG_2128

Reality Blues

I am definitely working through something. I paper the surface with book pages to build up an irregular surface. I painted two squares yesterday, one of the horse with abstract background and one of a pier at Fisherman’s Wharf. I liked the horse. I kept adding to the pier one but it just never worked out and was realistic and boring. So today inspired by the horse one – I did this with a bird. Somewhere between abstraction and reality there’s a place for me. I usually work in a series, so I have a few that I can show together. This is just where I find myself right now. This is new for me so let me know what you think.

horse52 bird