City Pix

I have a soft spot for iPhone photos at night – the light blurs out so weird – I love it. Here are a couple pix of the Mission at night. I walk through it just about every day to my studio. Also a pic crossing the Bay Bridge on a bus – don’t know why I just liked this one. I break rules like don’t shoot into the sun – I just had to – it looked cool.

IMG_1297 IMG_1326 IMG_1306 IMG_1312


Figure It Out

Figure It Out is the June show at Paolo Mejia Art Gallery. I had seen the notice on Craigslist and submitted my work just ten minutes before the deadline. Two of my pieces got in the show, an oil painting “Monsieur X” and one of my digital collages “Palm Springs”.  This is the first time I will be showing my digital work at a gallery. Here is the piece “Palm Springs”.

Paolo Mejia Art Gallery   4343 3rd Street, Suite B   San Francisco
Opening reception June 9th, 1-5pm

Ulrich-PalmSprings figureitoutflyer

Art Cards

I have a bunch of old postcards of my artwork that I wanted to use in a creative way. So I made handmade greeting cards out of recycled paper and mounted the four color images to them. They are available for sale on a link to my Etsy shop.

collage hayes kisscard Ignacio

a hot guy

So I started out the night trying different media – colored pencil and an ink pen. Just could not get the first two poses down in a way that I liked. I went back to ink and a brush in desperation. The model was beautiful and I was starting to feel like it was just not my night. I drew these without glasses – my eyes are changing and the drawing just looked blurry – with glasses on this is what I see…

IMG_1263 IMG_1264 IMG_1262

Digital Prints

I’ve been doing some digital prints, combining my drawings with photos of the streets of San Francisco. Here are the first three available for sale on Etsy at

bowdown2 daddy2 westruck2

Alley in the Mission

I don’t know why I like iPhone photos at night so much. They’re fuzzy and weird and I love them. Here’s an alley on my way home from the studio, one I would probably never walk down at night. I took a couple of photos and then put them together to get the color I wanted.


My big Egyptian thing – finished?

If you remember earlier posts, I had a dream about sphinxes which lead me to discover some Egyptian inspired murals. Decided to do my own thing with it. After setting it aside for awhile, I made an effort to finish it. Here it is trimmed out and hung in my studio entry.

DSCF0324 DSCF0326 DSCF0330 DSCF0334