My big Egyptian thing…

… is underway again. If you checked earlier posts, I had a dream which lead me to the Egyptian Room in the Palazzo Massimo Alle Colonne in Rome.
Which inspired this piece. 7′ x 5′ it’s big and probably crazy for me to do but I had to do it anyway. Inspiration just takes me some times and I never know where I will wind up.

IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7104


New sketches

So I was experimenting with colors I don’t really like to try something new. Don’t know why – it just happened that way.
Every now and then I get something good from just going crazy.

IMG_7092 IMG_7095

Parisian Fish

This is an image from the archives. I was in Paris back in the 80’s and took tons of photos. This is the merging of a black and white photo of the steps of Montmartre and a slide of a fish tank somewhere in Paris. This was done when Photoshop had just come out – I don’t remember when that is now.
Every now and then I find images I created that nobody has ever seen – if they hold up and are interesting I’ll post them here.


A day in SF

Some of the better pics from playing tourist on Valentine’s Day. Cruise on the Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.
Through Fisherman’s Wharf and winding up at the Cinch Bar on Polk Street. I’ve walked into the Cinch many times and never looked up. The ceiling was just kinda mesmerizing.

IMG_6951 IMG_6963 IMG_6973 IMG_7002 IMG_7009 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7066 IMG_7068

The evolution of Lupé Velez

Saw her, wanted her for my show, painted her. I didn’t really know anything about her. I had to wikipedia her – and I was embarrassed that I had to do so.
I was frustrated with my life – went to the studio – painted her. I had recycled six small canvases for this show, Dark Glamour. Wanted to do a few portraits that fit my theme. Sat down and three hours later I arrived at this. When I’m inspired, I’m inspired — hope you like it. Reminding me of Interview magazine covers from the 80’s. I’m afraid I’m old and like old things. Someone has to.

IMG_0692 IMG_0694 IMG_0703

Dark Glamour: the story of a painting

Inspired by a photo of Carole Lombard by Eugene Richee from “The Art of the Great Hollywood Portrait Photographers” by John Kobal, I undertook a large painting. I’m more about trying to paint a feeling, a mood – dark and sexy like film noir than trying to make it look like the actual person. I really wanted this one to be the showstopper in the window of Glama-Rama. A note from the book, ” These images as a group, evoke a kind of power, mystery, and soulfulness that seems to have vanished in photography almost as suddenly as it appeared. By the end of the thirties the spirit behind them had begun to wane.”

I learned to draw from copying portraits of Marlene Dietrich when I was seventeen. I found them at the library in Northern Kentucky in the early ’80s.
It’s only fitting that I come back to where I started. With these paintings for my show Dark Glamour (opening September 2013) I’m trying to bring back interest for a lost art and forgotten celebrities. I’m painting in metallics with names like Black Cherry, Champagne and Smoke, somehow totally appropriate. I’m not sure I’m done – but this is where I’m at now with this painting.