Halloween Sketch Session

Even though I had kind of a bad day – the sketch group cheered me up with these poses. The harlequin mask is mine (from an old friend) and I was able to get a decent drawing of the model in it. Fun for me. Here they are in order.


1990 Sketchbook, Chapter 2

Here are some more excerpts from my sketchbook. Live models/studies of art history/quotes. I’ve always had a fascination with cemeteries and here are some drawings of Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.

1990 Sketchbook

I’ve decided to post excerpts from my sketchbooks that I’ve kept over the years. This one was done at the time I was in Ohio, just before a move to San Francisco.
These are my personal notebooks and have not been seen by anybody. This is where I live; writing down quotes, sketching from anything I see, capturing the world and what appeals to me. I’ll post more pages over the next month.

Open Studios and Sketches

The Art Explosion is participating in ArtSpan’s SF Open Studios next weekend. Come by Studio 22 and check out new works like these from Hot Draw. I have a range of work from watercolor landscapes, oil paintings and male figurative sketches.

Got Paint? azurecricket.com

Finally have my website for decorative painting up and running again. Redesign and help from a friend who knows HTML. Working out the kinks but there it is. Check out my work – some of these things have not been posted before. azurecricket.com

Sketch Group

I like going to Mark Chester’s Gay Men’s Sketch – I’m glad it exists and keeps going. The guys there are great and it’s fun to hang out with them. Tuesday was a bad day – fighting with David, not sleeping at all the night before. I didn’t want to go. I made myself go. Turns out it was a night with our favorite model. I had to leave early because I was just so tired. But I was able to do this… not every drawing comes out or even looks like the model – but I did get a couple I thought were good enough to show. If you like this check out drawnbycricket.com

Sketchbook Project 2013 almost done?!

I have seven pages left before I finish the sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library. I’ve enjoyed this project. I try to do something interesting on every page and I really want to make it Rock. I never know what to do – I just wind up doing something. In love with patterns the first two were easy for me. Today with the last one I fell for Surrealism. They say everything has been done, but I put forth my view of the world – what appeals to me. I hope you enjoy it.