Midnight on Folsom

A new painting I did at the last minute before Folsom Street Fair. Smoke metallic is a new favorite color. Highlights in champagne metallic contrast with the matte black shadows. I have to do more of these. I’m liking the way it came out. Now available for sale on drawnbycricket.com


Folsom Street Fair Juried Artist’s Area

The day started at 5am, so I got to see the sun rise from our apartment building. We had to be at the event by 8am to unload. Thanks to the help of my boyfriend David Van Virden set up went well, except I forgot the signs I had painted that week and had to walk back to the studio to get them. Being a vendor at Folsom Street Fair was an experience, usually I’m part of the madness. Here’s a picture of the setup and tear down at the end of the day taken by David. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me in my first year at Folsom. The ties were a hit and I sold a few things in addition to all the contacts I made. Thanks also to the other artists who were so welcoming to a newbie. In the days to come, I’ll be getting more art that was shown at the fair up on drawnbycricket.com.

Folsom Street Fair on Sunday

I’m gearing up to appear at a booth in the Folsom Street Fair Juried Artist Area on 11th Street @ Folsom in San Francisco. I’m totally excited about this opportunity and will put on a great show. Please come out, I’m offering fetish/leather portraits – if you can wear it I will draw you in it by appointment or from a photo I take at the Fair. In addition to drawings and paintings that I have created, I will be showing men’s ties that I have painted in a variety of styles from tame to risqué. Here are the tame ones – you have to come to Folsom to see the naughty ones.

Drawn By Cricket

In time for Folsom Street Fair, I’ve launched my website drawnbycricket.com. It’s a link to my male figurative drawings for sale on Etsy. Please check it out. I’ll be updating the site regularly, posting new items. Fetish work will be available at Folsom Street Fair in the Juried Artist Area (on 11th street)  on the 23rd of September and some remaining work will appear online afterwards.

 Most of the drawings here are from my sketch group, Mark Chester’s Gay Men’s Sketch. I’m including other work as well. Here’s a sample of what you can see there.

Fall Open Studios

This is a painting that I did back in 2003. I was really into quadrants – still am – though I haven’t done this in awhile. I had given it to an old boyfriend who wanted it. He bitched at me for not giving it to him fast enough. He had it for a few years then went to a foreign country to teach English. Decided to get rid of everything he owned and gave it back to me. I have always liked this one and decided to put it out for Art Explosion’s Open Studios: September 14th 7-11pm, September 15th and 16th 12-5pm at 2425 17th Street @ Potrero in San Francisco. If you’re in town come by and see me.

Folsom Street Fair

I’m excited about being selected for the Juried Artist Area of Folsom Street Fair this year. Sunday, September 23rd at Folsom Street Fair 11am-6pm in San Francisco.
The artist area will be on 11th Street between Folsom and Harrison. The majority of the work I will be showing is from Mark Chester’s Gay Men’s Sketch Group from the night we know as Hot Draw. Here are a few samples over the years of styles that I have explored.

Mark’s studio is located on Folsom Street between 9th and 8th streets and will be open during the Folsom Street Fair. Check it out.